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It's a journal, what do you think I'm going to use it for? If you're interested in finding out further, just click an entry. Though I warn you, most of them are on private.



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fihewn yg489y

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fihewn yg489y

heart Thank you for buying!! heart
en Zombie

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en Zombie

No, I don't think so but if the states have it.. I doubt.
The Feeling Is Gone

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The Feeling Is Gone

Egads? X D Um... it's an interjection! X D
en Zombie

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en Zombie

its called Magnum B'D best ever!
The Feeling Is Gone

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The Feeling Is Gone

Egad! Happy B-day, Dark! : D

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Haha xD Aw that sucks sad
Really? xD <3 I always love the bitchier ones~
Aww thank you so mucho~ It's an oc of mine. c:
yeah, really sorry :< but knowing you, you can do it wink

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Nah, she doesn't die.
Someone else does though. :< but its good! read it !
its just kind of a cliff hanger book, im sure they're making a second though.
The books or the characters? I always loved bitchy Blair. heart
No hun, I'm kind of in a rush right now with school D: i dont think i can catch up with that I'm sorry. I'm sure you'll find someone with your big heart though

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beautiful was really good, but the ending kind of fell. :<
i wont spoil it other than that for you then xD
I read the first couple like 6 or 7. I stopped though since they had a show xD
I'm fine thanks User Image

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xD I guess I was too late, Thank you though. heart merry christmas to you too! xD
I'll find something~
Knock yourself out! (:
I've heard of both, but havent actually gone around too,
i heard its good though--Almost as good as gossipgirl.
And no, my teachers are all snotty and in their 50's!

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Thank you dear~ I'll take a look at it soon.
xD I made that clear! On this one, I've just changed the username frequently.
Don't trouble yourself dear. The other day I won a item from neon core worth 2mill, so I'm fine User Image
Well a couple actually,
1) Perfect Chemistry& the second book (forgot the name of it) uhm rules of attraction I think- thats gangs but you know, trouble.
2) Beautiful is about a girl who moves from her town to a new one and everything changes, she starts getting into drugs, having sex, etc.
I read those a couple weeks ago, but still they were SOOO good!