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About Me

I'm officially telling you now that my name will NEVER be revealed on the internet. So don't try to force it out of me. (And if it has, I blame my sister!)
On other sites I might be known as Thingamajig or Rixa... But that's another story.
I personally don't like "about me" spaces... They bother me, in fact... I don't like writing...

Random things about me:

I like to draw...
I prefer to use a computer to color my drawings so the original isn't messed up.
I have a crazy sister.
I'm crazy myself.
I'm starting a comic based off my and my friend friend's Yahoo! Messenger conversations.
I still don't know what that will be called.
Or when I will actually start it.
I love rambling about random things.
I am probably the biggest Bleach (Tite Kubo - San's) fan you'll ever meet.
My sister thinks it's impossible to make straight A's in middle/high school.
I prooved her wrong. (almost... but an 50 caused by the rest of my class that dragged down my grade a good 6 points to an 84 isn't my fault)
I sing.
The music I listen to is not always in English... Most in Japanese.
I know songs in at least(?) seven different languages.
At times I WILL Otaku... And it is known to scare people, including myself, because I start ranting in either English, or some of the time (most), Japanese.
I am learning Japanese unofficially.
I have officially learned no Japanese recent-
Wait. No-
I learned ALOT...
Thank two, or three, (or ten, heh heh...)new anime...
A large group of people think I'm crazy.
Most other people think I'm scary.
Some both.
I'm so proud!
I'm starting to run out of things to say...
I think I've said enough...
I continue to talk anyway...

Well... That's enough about me-
This whole thing is made for me to rant about whatever I want to or what I find interesting...
I guess there is no "enough"
That's enough...


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yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 10/20/2010 5:55 pm
RANDOMNESS FTW EH! xD(btw at school i'm saying i'm part canadian xD)
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 10/17/2010 1:29 am
yea i know....it's amazing how random i can get on the computer then talking to you at school xD
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 09/29/2010 5:32 pm
never knew you had a sister o_o and btw i'm one of those people that is scared of you, but after a year or two i've learned to get over it(maybe because i hardly talk to you now >_>..... D= ) anyways ....moo O_o this comment will selfdestruct in 3 seconds =D....i'm sooooooooo bored D=
II_RawRzZy-CooKieS_II Report | 08/20/2010 10:17 pm
HaiThurrKaitlin. ^^
How is/was your summer??
AznPnkPrncess Report | 08/13/2010 10:11 am
Hii [: Kool pro yo! xD
That rhymes [:
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 07/27/2010 11:35 pm
i can't draw for s**t wanna see? i'll make a picture and send it to you and o_e
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 07/26/2010 11:34 pm
changed yo name? =o guess what i learned how to draw anime like a proffesional!!! =D......no not really -_- the day i do is the day panda's s**t out egg's
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 07/03/2009 10:26 pm
sorry no xD i gtg soon and wont be online a long while XD
yotoshi kami-sayain Report | 07/03/2009 12:41 pm
>.>....get grouchy why dont you? xD

anyways im good but bored DX
xx-stay_with_me-xx Report | 06/08/2009 1:00 am