Well to start off my name is Nick. I am 12 years old and my favorite thing in the world right now is snowboarding. I love the feeling when your going down the mountain at top speed and the freezing air brings chills down your body. It really hurts when you fall because it just does and im useally soar the next day. I am not pro but im not suckish. I have been snowboarding for about two years now and i love it. Well thats my snowboarding life. Now about school, School i think is very fun because i get to hang out with all my awsome friends and most of the teachers are allright to. I love having relationships because its just sexy. If im not snowboarding im texting like everyother person. I have a quickfire and i loveeeee the touchscream and the full keyboard. I am a mega fast texted. My goals in life are to make really good money but i wanna have something to do with the ocean and its creatures and how everything works. But the suck part is that most of those jobs eaither dont have good pay or there rarley is an oppertunity for that job or jobs. My favorite animal is a white lion or panda because i think the white fur on animals just looks so tight because you dont see to many all white animals. I love panthers though because there all black and they look funny in photos at night. Well thats about me and this is just for when im board and im happy to make new friends!!! Bye Bye (no picses of me because of te pervertedly peeps out there) biggrin