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My name is Dark Star Wulf, I am a winter wolf from Anule, a world where shifters rule. My parents were hunted down and killed by a heartless wolf that wanted to wipe out all of the winter wolves. I was found by a Dragon by the name of Sky Runner which is an odd name cause he is a land dragon. He took me to Impruena a village that is peaceful when the others are waring. Eron the council's leader and a dragon had me put in the care of Aero and Star, two hunters out to kill Ralsh the wolf that slaughtered the whole winter clan. Both of them Forest Wolves.

Raised with them I grew up training, fighting, and most of all tracking Ralsh. After turning Fourteen we caught up to him and the battle raged for well over three days, with nearly his whole pack slaughtered I had him cornered and bleeding badly. Myself about dead from blood loss I went for the last lunge he grabbed me by the throat and as he tries to kill me I use my last bit of strength to reach out and some how rip his throat open. Even though I have hunted him I never knew he killed my parents and I will not find this out for at least another eight years.

After the battle I am recruited by the council in Impruena to be a Sacred Messenger. Only male dragons have been chosen up to that point and they are strong and fast. Being a winter wolf in a forest setting I am faster than even the dragons, and not as noticed as they are running through the roads and villages. I was doing great in my life, until the witch and the curse....

Who knew a simple wish would cost so many people their lives... After being a Sacred Messenger and befriending Sky Runner, and Dio both Sacred Messengers that I had done runs with I felt empty. Something that I cannot explain even though I know why now. So in a stupid and rash decision I went to the witch, something I regret with every fiber of my being.

She told me that the thing I need to feel whole would be in the village in two weeks time, then she told me the price...a living person's soul. That is something I cannot do, I cannot throw a life away for my own selfish wishes, and I tried to tell her that, did not work. I made the deal so quick that I did not wait to hear the price and I had no real choice after that. "Bring me what you owe me before the two weeks are up or you will regret your own life. A curse so horrible will be apart of your life." I should have just thrown myself from the nearest cliff at that point, but you know that small voice in the back of your head that says 'maybe she will forget,' yeah I had that and I was sort of comforted by that thought that I left it alone...

As she had said two weeks later someone came into my life, another wolf to be exact. A forest wolf, but is from a lion village which is rare. At first it was a small contact, we ran into each other in a messenger meeting. A dragon being too pushy had shoved him into me. We exchanged simple formalities, then he was gone. I never thought anything of it until at least another week later when I found him in the river, bleeding and close to death I pulled him from the fast flowing current and dragged him to my house to care for him. He recovered slowly but he was on his way to deliver a message to Eron and the council that the Lions were not going to survive a war that had broken out between them and the Tigers. I delivered the message and I was forced from my run that would have a nine day run to the Horse village Hevonen, so that I could take care of him. Needless to say how it went. And she was right he was something I was missing in my soul.

Not even a day later I found out what the curse was...I became a monster, a beast so horrible that I craved blood and death. I can still remember the taste as I woke up from one of the soon to be regular blackouts. Blood covering my hands and chest and the sight I was greeted with was so horrendous I will never repeat it even in words... all I can say is that is was a mess. Running as fast as I could I found the witch and she laughed at me, she told me about the curse...told me about what I had become. She had crafted a special leeching soul that is living in my body, a part of me in many ways. She is made to awaken whenever I am engulfed with what I wished for. Knowing that I cannot be around the man who had just been wished into my life I ran from my home and the people who loved and cared for me.

Even in my solitude that only lasted two and a half days she was awakened and I ran into a demon, a soul eater. He was nothing like the other demons in Anule, he was not out for a fight, and the red marks covering his body made him interesting, my monsterous self had tried to kill him, but being a demon over powered me and using an old magic sealed the beast away. He told me that he was here to help me keep her in check, only that she does need to kill at least three people before the seal can be completed. Much better than before and the seal is only broken every six months, but not the best. He told me his name and I will ever forget even though he is gone now, Lorn. As in Forlorn, he had been through hell himself and I had learned a bit about him in the short amount of time I had with him. He talked me into going back home to the man I loved and to my friends, regardless I had to quit being a Sacred Messenger and that had been most of my life. Leaving that behind I had more time for myself and Six months passed like a small tick on a clock, and as I blacked out again...I killed Dio one of my best friends...I can still hear his screams even now...Lorn had tried to save him and my love had jumped into the battle and being the monster I went for him, Lorn saved him, but it cost him his life. I woke up soon after and the sight destroyed a large part of me. I ran again, this time farther hoping to drown myself into the distance to forget about it all. I never expected to get dragged back to him, I guess my wish would never let me get away.

Months later I run across another demon with the red markings that Lorn had and I guess the Goddess must have been laughing at me, he is the son of Lorn, Darkron he calls himself. Interesting enough he never chose to carry the seal, and that is father had been more or less another part of him. Darkron had been split from his father by the witch, go figure there would be a common point in all of this. He has been forced by his father's choices to stay by my side, it only makes my selfish wish worse...

Now I am trying my best to out run the one thing I wanted and trying to find a way around the 'price' of my release. Who knows what I might end up doing or might be heading to next. Only the Goddess knows and at this point she seems to laugh at me...