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Flower Princess Aerith Report | 11/18/2020 11:50 am
Flower Princess Aerith
oh I thought its going to be longer or they might make you work from etc D:
haha if you call jewelry making a project well thats something new redface
oh be careful fixing things around the house and dont worry you can do it smile
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 11/17/2020 7:07 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
oh no sad are you back to work already?
I am fine thank you whee
nothing new on my end haha.
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 11/15/2020 11:01 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
Good luck with your vacation! 4laugh
Patty_Fluer Report | 11/09/2020 1:26 am
Thanks for buying.
JustJinJer Report | 06/29/2020 4:18 pm
TY 4 your purchase wink
Jounouchi_1 Report | 06/20/2020 12:27 pm
thanks for the purchase.
KanaeKaszim Report | 06/03/2020 5:54 pm
You're welcome ^.^
Stay safe heart heart
KanaeKaszim Report | 06/03/2020 5:47 pm
gaia_angelleft Thank you for the purchase =^.^= gaia_angelright
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 03/25/2020 1:19 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
Oh yes now that you say it, it has opened my way of thinking and you are very right about it! 3nodding

Haha I am kind of introvert so nothing makes me go outside unless its absolutely necessary like buying household items redface

I have heard about it too but my hair becomes super greasy so I tend to shampoo everyday sweatdrop well better be safe and clean rather than sorry biggrin and hopefully it will continue only for a few weeks or so I believe, keeping my fingers crossed though.

Yes I did went to Walmart today and very happy that I found everything I need except for some Ramen Noodle lol razz

Well I keep myself occupied browsing the internet, watching Netflix when I get bored, cooking my favorite meals whee then going to Youtube to watch those scary animated tales that I love back and forth haha I am also playing Opera Omnia on mobile smile
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 03/25/2020 9:44 am
Flower Princess Aerith
oh yes I see that too here lol because everyone is hitting the beaches since all sort of entertainment areas like theaters, malls, you name it have all been shut down xd dont blame them though as anyone cooped inside for more than 24 hours is bound to go nuts sweatdrop

oh how so? does your hair get stripped of its moisture very fast? you should dry shampoo then smile
mhm I hope the same too, I am dreading to visit Walmart now because I feel like the things I would want especially food items wont be there and have to settle for unhealthy frozen meals sweatdrop but aside that I am fine and healthy whee


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