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Flower Princess Aerith Report | 07/03/2022 3:48 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
Its funny I google how to cure migraines and not once I encountered an add for those glasses.

I know right? wish I had an elder sibling who would have told me that but then again no one really realize what they have until its gone, well at least most people tend to be that way including myself emotion_facepalm

Yeah I am excited for Hocus Pocus 2 but keeping my hopes low as most of the Disney movies/remakes have not been that exciting for me.

Its going very well, thanks smile just messed up my sleeping schedule a bit which hopefully I am able to fix very soon.
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 07/02/2022 9:42 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
Yeah I think I need one of those glasses for sure.
I know right?
well I mostly watch horror xd so I guess during Halloween, yourself?
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 07/02/2022 5:38 am
Flower Princess Aerith
haha well at least you can game, I never can play on computer because of migraine issues, closest I can do is play mobile games xd
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/25/2022 4:49 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
oh I thought the remake 2 is being released next year?
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/23/2022 4:05 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
haha the more the merrier biggrin
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/23/2022 2:46 am
Flower Princess Aerith
hehe true that, I cannot wait to play Ever Crisis biggrin which one are you most excited about?
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/19/2022 1:16 am
Flower Princess Aerith
yeah lo so many coming out hehe I am very excited to see what happens emotion_kirakira
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/16/2022 2:07 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
Yeah good thing he got his name cleared and all that after such an exhausting ordeal 3nodding

awww how come?

ohhh I love vacations tehe, how long are you planning to take a break and are you traveling on another country?

I am fine, I am on another state at the moment and I am so in love! makes me want to move here seriously but Seattle is so pricey sweatdrop or maybe I might get bored if I stay for too long, too bad its so hard to distinguish between what's normal and the honeymoon period. I am dreading going back home emotion_facepalm
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 06/06/2022 3:03 am
Flower Princess Aerith
Its been crazy, I stopped watching it after a while as I found it emotionally draining sweatdrop

I am alright smile what about you?
Flower Princess Aerith Report | 04/29/2022 7:30 pm
Flower Princess Aerith
oh aliexpress already refunded me because they saw via tracking it got rejected by customs and is on its way back to the original sender 3nodding

I know right? the lawyers are very tricky especially hers even though he has solid picture proofs.


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