Hi! What's up and welcome to my page. As you can probably guess I'm a naruto fan and I'm crazy about Garra. Anyway, I like other characters too just not as much as I love him. Anyway, a few words to decribe me is sweet, friendly once you get 2 know me, and well that's about all I feel like telling you about.

Other anime shows I like consisit of: Inuyasha; Digimon(i know sort of childish but you've got to love tamers);The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; Kodocha;Noir; Gunslinger Girls;and last but definitely not least: Sailor Moon(watched it when I waz little and loved it!)

I also enjoy my movies! Some of my favorites has to be: Howl's Moving Castle; Spirited Away; Hannibal(all); Wild Hogs; Eragon; Ultraviolet; Aeon Flex; and...Monsters Inc(watched with my neice and i loved it).

I don't really enjoy reading, but that doesn't meAN that I haven't read any books and liked them. Some of my favorite books are magical ones. For expample: The Chronicles of Narnia is a must. saw the movie and can't wait for another one to come out.

And basically that's about it. I don't feel like syaing anything else. hope you enjoy the rest of my page and my vid of course! *wink*