I am finally 21 years of age. now I can go party in the US with Stephan and Jessica biggrin


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Getting made

Getting made

Getting made


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Hm weird.. What do you do?

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Yeah, at least you have time off. Busy as well.. Just working to make a living.

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Hey, fine just been working/playing hard. You?
miss funnygirl

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miss funnygirl

Thanks! biggrin
miss funnygirl

Report | 07/29/2015 12:31 am

miss funnygirl

I guess she likes me because i feed her xd
But i'm lucky yeah, and just put time and effort in having her here.
Like atm. I'm sitting in the room with her, instead of in the living room with my own 2 cats.
I've always said 2 cats is enough, so i won't keep one.
But if there's a gray kitten playing with one of my bigger cats
(One loves to play, while the other one doesn't)
then i'd keep it, so she can have a playbuddy
miss funnygirl

Report | 07/27/2015 1:19 am

miss funnygirl

Well 1 of the kittens wasn't doing so well and died yesterday.
I found out he couldn't open his mouth out of itself as it got stuck..
So when i found out, it was already to late and he wasn't strong enough anymore.
The other 3 kittens are doing fine!
The mom is taking good care of them, although she prefers to be petted herself when i walk into the room.

I decided to do the foster thing, because the animal protection asked for new foster homes,
as there weren't enough of them.
So we applied in March and then when the kitten season started we had our first kittens.
With this last litter, we weren't at home when they asked me to take them in.
So i told them, i'll be home fridays, so if you can find a place she can stay earlier, place her there.
She ended up waiting for me in the animal protection centre as every foster family was already occupied..
And well she was really aggressive there, as she didn't feel at home.

So knowing i do really make a difference for these cats made me wanna do it.
And well i just have an extra bedroom, why wouldn't i leave a mommy cat in there, so she can be at ease...?
miss funnygirl

Report | 07/25/2015 8:05 am

miss funnygirl

Well for a small dog, average walks cost more effort, they only have small paws!
In the end 2 kittens left together, and only one got seperated
(Though he was getting more dominant towards the other kittens anyways)
All in good homes smile

Just got new kittens with their mom yesterday!
She was found on the street.
The kittens are probably about 3-5 days old atm.
So we'll be having these for another 2 months smile
miss funnygirl

Report | 07/11/2015 8:49 am

miss funnygirl

Good to hear that the sad times are more or less gone.
When someone is in pain, it's always hard to see, but eases the letting go part.
As at least they are without pain now.
I've witnessed the same with my friends mom.
They also just keep pumping in the pain meds...
But in the end that made her unrecognizable..

But about the kittens!
I've called them Diego, James and Lilly.
They are short haired. But still a bit fluffy, 'cause of their young age.
So adorable!
Atm they are getting sceduled for adoption.
So they are ready for a final home.
Will miss them, but i know they'll have great new parents.
Just met a couple today for Lilly, who ended up wanting Diego.
Hopefully James and Lilly will get placed together.
They are really buddies, would hate to break them up.
miss funnygirl

Report | 06/16/2015 6:32 am

miss funnygirl

Hmmm yeah maybe...
Darc Nightgale

Report | 06/12/2015 10:32 am

Darc Nightgale

That would be kind of fun. I don't know what kind of work that I could do for them.

I'm a supervisor. The only person I report to is my boss. 3nodding I get more more money more hours, and more responsibility.
Oh he has been tryin' to hire more people, but in the last 3 months or so he has hired so many people, but only one has really
worked out. I had a new person start Monday and she was suppose to work the next night, but she ended up bein' a no call
no show. So she is gone. We also caught one person stealin' money from the register. I had one that had a total freak out, because
she couldn't handle the stress of the job, and quit after 3 days. There's more, so at the moment we are workin' on a skeleton crew.


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