Hi all you peoples! I luv everybody! Don't make fun of n00bs, I support them cause we were all n00bs once.

It's much appreciated. :3


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Crap That My Avi Has On Right Now

Dreams That I Will Never Be Able To Buy But Want :D


About Me...........................

Wow! Someone's actually reading this crap?!?! burning_eyes

Well, I guess I should give you something to read, eh? Ummm.....

I am amused in many things ranging from roller coasters to string, so it's impossible to bore me. XD All are allowed here (even though I'm trying to comprehend you how found my profile in the depths of this site).

I am also obsessed with many things. I will not list EVERYTHING... but string, Silly Bandz, drawing or art in general, video games (especially the RPGs), dinosaurs, anime, clothes, music, How to Train Your Dragon, DeviantArt, and .hack are a few choice things.

If you are a Nightwish / Tarja Turunen fan we will get along very well! 3nodding 3nodding
They are, in my eyes, the best bands on the face of the planet. heart heart heart

I also do art commissions for avi art, fan art, or anything else you might want! Just send me a PM or leave a comment. My prices never go over 20k. heart
If you want to check out samples of my work click on this link
arrow ART!!!!!!!!!!! ~<3

heart heart heart Donations by all means are excepted. I will give you something back in return for your generosity, I promise but I can't promise it will be much. heart heart heart

I'm a Christian and... Wait! Come back!!!! gonk I won't bite your head off for being who you are. I make friends with everyone. ~ <3
I'm a senior in West Virginia too!!! Can't wait to get outta here and go earn my animation and elementary teaching degrees!

So yeah.... that was maybe 5 minutes of your time? Feel free to look at the media on here... or you can leave. I might be boring you. XD

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ShadowedXHunted Report | 11/19/2013 2:11 pm
Awhhhhh baayybe. I didn't realize how deep the feelz were on it. Although thanks for commenting about it. I had to go back and flesh it out a little bit.

I haven't bothered changing it. I think I will change it when my life changes a bit more smile
ShadowedXHunted Report | 05/21/2013 2:41 am
ShadowedXHunted Report | 03/11/2013 8:46 pm
Are you obsessed with legend of the dragoon? LOL

Thank you, that's exactly what we have in mind.

So where are you starting your next job? Tell me a bit about it!
ShadowedXHunted Report | 03/07/2013 1:18 pm
You're welcome. What are friends for right? It's my way of thanking you smile

Well things are ...good. In some ways and not so much in others.

The breakdown:

Girlfriend and I are living with Dad. The plus side is we are staying mostly rent free
But traveling to work has become very gruesome. Now I am looking into getting my motorcycles license by april and servicing a bike. I am pretty stoked for it actually.
Ontop of that we got previous bills and payments we are chipping away at. SO it looks like we won't be moving out for some time.

WHEN we do, we want to get a house, no more apartment bullshit. I am done with it.

What about you? What's new?
ShadowedXHunted Report | 02/19/2013 6:44 pm
Your da best.
ShadowedXHunted Report | 02/19/2013 10:25 am
YOU ARE THE BEST!! Why are you so kind!?!??!??? Thanks Shappy you make me so... HAPPY!
Tainted Tarts Report | 02/15/2013 4:45 am
Tainted Tarts
thanks <33 n.n
and Happy Valentines!
ShadowedXHunted Report | 01/26/2013 7:55 am
Oh cool I will give it a try thanks for the suggestion!
Well I've been working and lets just say Hampton Inn graveyard shift OWNS over Walmart. I've been doing great here and I barely break a sweat every work night. SO that is great news.

Otherwise, gaming news has been a breakthrough with Nintendo! Have you heard all the new things coming out?
Iris-Amara Report | 01/25/2013 5:54 pm
Thanks for the purchase :3
ShadowedXHunted Report | 01/25/2013 2:49 am
Hey Shappy.

So how do you even make friends on here? I don't even see a place to really talk on here besides the crappy chatterbox lol.


"The sins of the past are there to remind us not to repeat them."
~ Albert, Legend of Dragoon[/align:8c9c77475f]
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"God is a gentleman. He only comes in if he's asked to."[/align:8c9c77475f]
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