Hm... What to say?

My name is Vale.
In case your wondering, I changed it to that as soon as I could. I enjoy having a weird name, and being different from everyone else. Most people dislike me for how I am. But I don't really care what they say. Its actually quite easy to make people hate you. Just act like everything annoys you.

Stuff I enjoy:
I enjoy role-playing with smart, evil characters. It matches my type of attitude perfectly.
I can get lost in books rather quickly. Stephen King and other horror writers are my favorite.
I enjoy sitting in silence, watching people or animals go about their normal lives.

I mildly dislike:
Happy people. You know the kind. The people who seem like they have just eaten an entire tub of Ice Cream.
Idiots. Why can't people just learn and be smart? Are they incapable of doing it?
Anyone who doesn't agree with me. I have common sense. I know what needs to be done. Why don't you just accept it?

Favorite quote:
"Why do they call it common-sense, when it is so uncommon."
~ Fred Thompson



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-Veletzi Dun-

Report | 12/05/2010 10:34 pm

-Veletzi Dun-

-.- If you can't figure that out, don't kill the brain cells needed for the purpose.

-Wanders off aimlessly-
-Veletzi Dun-

Report | 11/26/2010 12:47 am

-Veletzi Dun-

Cute name. lol
Back Away Slowly

Report | 12/03/2006 1:42 pm

Back Away Slowly

cool profile

Report | 12/02/2006 9:55 am


cooool pro

Report | 11/26/2006 4:16 pm


hello awsome profile <3


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