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currently dating: My DS...shes mad at me becuause I left her twice but she's still here...thats true love!!!
my house in towns it at: 4 barton 002420

Ok this edit of my About was long over due so here it is.
My name is zaquan...It has no meaning so dont ask -_-
well, I like Anime, Video games The internet, and proving that Im better than. Im not afraid to admit it ^_^
(I thinks its called a superiority complex). what else?
Well I'm head of X_nights Media and I have developed a bunch of comics and even a few games...ALL BY MY SELF!!!(I know Im awsome) I ususaly post my work in my journal and in the art arenas so go take a peak if you want.
Music wise, I like hip hop, rock, j-rock, vgm and Island music (i cant spell the actual word). my favorite acts right now are Mindless self Indulgence, panic! at the disco and Gym Class heros. Fallout boy is cool too!
hm...what else is there?
Im not going to ask you to leave a coment because well,
yuo were going to do it anyways wernt you? you wern't?...oh...
well why not? It'll take 30 seconds tops if your fast^_^.
I REALY dont like this font.


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Ita no ketsueki soshite shiken (tablet of blood and trial)

random stuff about me and linis.


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iexit Report | 12/11/2009 9:23 am
the1cutiegirl is back, I changed my name now smile
Linis Light Report | 08/22/2007 6:18 pm
you make me look bad
XxdotXx Report | 06/20/2007 12:37 am
my name is angie ruiz and im a 17 year old backstabber, my x recently gave me a second change but to thank him i got him banned off runescape and back stabbed him a second time, i sell my body off to the highest bidder then take all of his things. im a female lesbian and i love going to a hotel room with my best friend to have sex with her. i live in Miami Florida with my parents and i jack off to random guys on the phone. i plan to go into playboy like my sister bcuz i love being a whore and a slut. im never serious with a relationship which is why i did what i did to my x and i have no regrets. and i've scammed every one of you by making you give me stuff so the jokes on you hahaha
Showstopper3835 Report | 04/16/2007 5:32 pm
queer monkey lol
Komorin Report | 04/11/2007 2:31 pm
Ditmas Report | 03/20/2007 2:20 pm
why you don't have no clothes????
Nowe The moonlight Dragon Report | 02/23/2007 9:31 am
hello f**
d3vilishgurl16 Report | 02/22/2007 4:01 pm
hey i know song that's from Sonic Advance 3 the game oooooo i got that game it's rad ya! onik! I'd never got to finish it though!
Rem Shinigami Report | 02/09/2007 6:53 pm
Linis Light Report | 02/06/2007 7:09 pm
He cant. I stole all his cloths, money, Girlfriend, and locked him in a basement. She tastes good. *wink*


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