i wish i had some of what friends i have and all would give me gifts. i never ask, but i would like them though. im so sick of alot of u asking me for gold, items, gifts when i never get a thing from u ever.

i have some that at times go to the Exstreams to help me out at times and i do apriceat it and thank you but all of u others plz start handing me some gifts and all and maybe i wil lgve u something in return if i have that gold.

for this month 12-30-12
I Came Again 100,000 and a angelic headband 4laugh heart heart heart
(thanks alot)

for this months donochion for this months letter.
Goth_of_Dawn (50,000) thank from a very long turn friend wahmbulance heart
Sleeping Shrine Maiden (25,000) thanks heart wahmbulance

long time ago
kitty kat kasumi (5000) heart : heart eek
hinata9412 (3044) heart heart whee
icy-angle (rose tato) whee
shevalove (lightning bolt) heart whee
from someone name not stated (Regalia of ancient fire (vest) ) whee cool fits
Icy-angle (il puff) aww aint it cute.. xD lol thanks...
this lok good now al i need are pants or somthing that will fit this look i have no..
thanks unknow person.. ^^

(updated: 10-26-06)
this is my dream avatar
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my date thiny
>>>PISCES<<< >Caring and kind >Smart. > (ture)Center of attention. >(im fat not ture)Too Sexy, DAMN IT. >()sadly yes)Very high sex appeal. >(yeap xD)Has the last word. >(only if ur someone that dont bleave in what i bleave) The best to find, hardest to keep. >(i think nope)Fun to be around. >(whats the mean? ) Freak in the sheets >(no its not)Extremely weird but in a good way. >(what ever) Super good in bed. (Da Man) >(nope i am agesnt comdys) Good Sense of Humor!!! > (sadly yes)Thoughtful > (i only wish others thought so. sad )A partner for life >(almsot) Always gets what he or she wants. >(so so)loves to joke(NOT AT ALL),Very popular nope>Silly, fun and sweet (at times yes).

User Image User Image
User Image
User Image
i love magick. ^^

User Image

some others ^^

User Image
User Image
User Image

av art
User Image

((adding this for later

ALL of my works and content on this page & gallery are under copyright law (2003-2007). You CANNOT save, download, use the pictures for layouts, blogs, websites, myspace, banners, designs, posters, cd, books etc WITHOUT accessing a license from me. My work is NOT stock photography.
If I find out my work is being used illegally, then legal action will now be taken.
If you see my work being used, please e-mail/message me straight away.
Please respect copyrights. )))

few songs i like
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Would/will you?
[_] come to my house to do nothing at all but chill?
[_] fight me?
[_] ******** me?
[_] kiss me?
[_] lick me?
[_] let me kiss you?
[_] watch a movie with me?
[_] go out to dinner with me?
[_] let me drive you somewhere?
[_] take a shower with me?
[_] drink with me?
[_] take me home for the night?
[_] let me sleep in your bed?
[_] Sing car karaoke w/ me?
[_] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[_] Lock me in your room and take advantage of me?
[_] let me make you breakfast?
[_] help me with homework?
[_] tickle me?
[_] let me tickle you?
[_] stick up for me if i was being put down?
[_] instant message me?
[_] greet me in public?
[_] hang out with me?
[_] bring me around your friends?
[_] be down with me no matter what?
[_] go to prom with me?

D0 Y0U...
[_] think im cute?
[_] think im serious?
[_] think im a good person
[_] think im conceided?
[_] want to kiss me?
[_] want to cuddle with me?
[_] want to hook up with me?
[_] want to *Do* me?
[_] think I would do you?

AM I...
[_] smart?
[_] cute?
[_] funny?
[_] cool?
[_] romantic?
[_] a *freak*?
[_] gangsta?
[_] loveable?
[_] adorable?
[_] trustworthy
[_] compassionate?
[_] great to be with?
[_] attractive?
[_] mean?
[_] well known?

[_] thought about hooking up with me?
[_] found yourself wanting a kiss from me?
[_] wished I were there?
[_] had a crush on me?
[_] wanted my number?
[_] had a dream about me?
[_] been distracted by me?
[_] wanted to see my private part?
[_] looked at my page more than ten times?

[_] happy you know me?
[_] horny?
[_] thinking about me?
[_] wanting to call me to talk about these things?
[_] going to repost this

O-o heart redface wahmbulance heart heart heart heart


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Just bored hehe sup

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Dark, you never cease to amaze me........ heart biggrin lol rolleyes rolleyes exclaim idea mrgreen ninja 4laugh rofl

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