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Everything you see on this profile has not been updated and may therefore be very unreliable. Just ask me for details because I really can't be bothered to put it up.

Hello Internet. If you are reading this, then you obviously want to know about me. Just call me Sean =p. I wont bore you with my interests as you would probably check the left side of your screen to see what I like. Anyway I'm 17 years old. I live in England and I'm in 6th form. Starting my A-levels. You would always expect to see me wearing full black. The only clothes I wear are black yes. My hair is long and black, and don't expect to see it cut. I have a cool legendary best friend on gaia. I play the electric guitar. I'm a modern history freak and I'm more into my philosophy. I bloody, love vampires. Vampires just rock so much! It would be cool to be one. Oh I can't live without coffee, otherwise I die. I like to roleplay. Hmm I take part in many raids IRL and on the internet. I am part of the Internet hate machine and I doesnt afraid of anything since I am branded with Anonymous. At times I can be really dark and at other times I can be random and stuff, usually after coffee, so catch me at that time for a slightly nicer me. As for religion, wel I'm an atheist and have been researching a lot of my science. If you want to know anything else about me, then contact me. Czech you later!

Mankind in his insatiable search for divine
Knowledge has discarded all biblical teachings

Realizing that the strength of religion is the repression of
All structures of religion have collapsed

Life prays for death
in the wake of the horror of these revelations

It was never imagined how graphic the reality that would
be known as the end
of creation
Would manifest itself

We believe all this chaos and atrocity can be traced
Back to one single event

We hold these truths to be painfully self-evident
All men are not created equal
Only the strong will prosper
Only the strong will conquer
Only in the darkness of Christ have I realized
God Hates Us All


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A Random Thought Report | 12/14/2016 7:01 pm
A Random Thought
Love the short poem on your profile and also your username!
Da-Eh Report | 09/09/2011 1:10 pm

    I love Wnter Wrapup! Daang, I've only seen it all twice
    and oooh who's your oc pony?
    my boyfriend went as Rainbow Dash hahaha

Da-Eh Report | 09/08/2011 7:06 pm

    They don't! :<
    So what's your favorite episode? Have you seen all of season 1 yet?

    oh oh and I cosplayed as Rarity :3
Da-Eh Report | 09/07/2011 5:34 pm

    Me toooo
    but some people hate certain ponies
    and it's usually Rarity.
    it makes me sad. cry

Da-Eh Report | 09/07/2011 4:37 pm

    Ohhh whatever~
    but at least you're not a Rarity hater
    that makes you about 20% cooler

Da-Eh Report | 09/06/2011 5:55 pm

    Rarity heart

Da-Eh Report | 09/06/2011 4:22 pm

    Friendship is Magic!! :3

Mandei NeonSaliva Report | 09/06/2011 11:24 am
Mandei NeonSaliva
Ha, hey there!
queen_of_endlesstime Report | 06/01/2011 12:54 pm
really you will help me eek eek eek
okay i will just be a trainer then smile
queen_of_endlesstime Report | 05/31/2011 8:25 am
your welcome 3nodding 3nodding do you want to help me train to become a Pokemon master ??


The GD Pessimist - Sean
Our cats are simultaneously alive and dead
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I'm the British, academic philosopher and Pokemon master of the GD. I'm better than all you communist scum.
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I conformed


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