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Hello, my name is Anna. I'm a female, but I like the male avatars better. ... Heh, I'm not good at this. sweatdrop Let's see, I'm a big fan of anime, and video games. I'm a huge collector of plushies, I'm have over 60 of them. They have taken over the loveseat in my livin' room. xp I'm also a huge Green Bay Packers fan, Yes! I'm a cheesehead. Go Pack GO!!! heart When I'm not workin' I like to draw, play video games, and playin' in the snow. Speakin' of snow, winter is my favorite season. Lol, I can't stand hot humid weather. I'm the crazy lady in town that wears shorts all year round, even if it's 10 degrees out. I'm not just talkin' about indoors. I guess I just got used to it. 3nodding

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oO-Ui-Oo Report | 02/26/2019 10:42 am
Cool thank you for the information.
oO-Ui-Oo Report | 02/26/2019 3:14 am
I was wondering what's the name of the paw skin and eyes are you using on your avvy?
Auriga La Shock Report | 12/09/2018 10:02 pm
Thank you, Darc! emotion_hug And oh my gosh, thank you so much for the item! heart

Also: RIP wishlist. It's officially dead OTL *pokes it with a stick*
Slick Southpaw Report | 05/28/2018 7:56 am
I did! Thank you for the well wishesUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
__r.d.__ Report | 05/24/2018 3:47 am
Thank you! ^__^
Snowe Nightgale Report | 04/10/2018 10:34 am
Happy Birthday!!! Glad you had a great day.
Lesok Report | 04/01/2018 4:04 pm
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Happy Easter!!!

-Ren Mika- Report | 03/07/2018 5:07 pm
Awesome avatar and I love your amazing art skills!
Have a wonderful day! emotion_bigheart
The Nephilim Rosier Report | 01/09/2018 4:04 pm
I just had to stop by and say that gosh, your avi is adorable! And hopefully you feel better soon!
Auriga La Shock Report | 12/11/2017 7:11 pm
D'awww thanks! ^^ emotion_hug


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