My life is my horses, all six of them, and if you get me started on them, I'll never shut up. xD I'm in college, getting a degree in Networking and Web Design, with a few Graphic Design classes when I can fit them in so obviously I'm something of a computer geek, too.
What else can I say? I speak my mind, I'm excessively sarcastic, and can be sickeningly cheery.
Oh, and I'm a hit-and-run sort of artist. I randomly decide "I wanna draw that avatar!" or "I'm going to make a banner for this thread!" , do so, and send it to the appropriate person. So you might see random artworks around by me. But, sorry, I don't do requests. I just don't have the time or interest. (See the end of the 'about me section' for details)
Let's seem what else? I like to RP sometimes -- haven't really got a particular genre I prefer, but I do require that the people I RP with are at least semi-literate. Interested? Hit me up via PM.

My Current Quest
Currently, I'm questing to obtain any and all horse (and unicorn) related items on Gaia.
The list of items that I know to contain horse items are as follows:

Ebony Sewell
Kelp o' th' Loch - Got one!
enchanted book - Got one!
Starmony - Got two!
Faustine's Bottle
Fausto's Bottle - Got one!

(If I'm missing an item, let me know. <3 I did leave off the Unicorn Horn and Four Horsemen items on purpose though.)

Since ya'll can't see my interests and whatnot on this layout, and I'm bored, I'm gonna post that stuff here.
Cuz I bloody well can. :p
Favorite anime/manga:
Katekyo Hitman,. Reborn, Death Note, Wolfs' Rain, Saiunkoku Monogatari, Fushigi Yugi, Inuyasha, Naruto, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Ouran High School Host Club, Wallflower, Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden, Zig*Zag, Fruits Basket, Off*Beat.... there are dozens. So just ask me if you wanna know. I'm big on the adventure, shonen, fantasy, (some) shojo, and yaoi.

Favorite Reads (non-manga)
The Tale of Genji/Genji Monogatari, Dante's Inferno, Shakespeare's plays... classical and foreign stuff, mostly.

Favorite music
Since there' too many bands, I'll list genres: Country, rock, pop, and anything foreign - especially Japanese, Russian, Swedish, German

Horseback riding, learning foreign languages, reading, computers, cars, foreign culture, writing, music.... lotsa stuff. ^^

And for those of you who are running around looking for "Gaia GFs/BFs" or whatever... move along, you little sheep, or I'll send you to market. I have a RL girlfriend already, and I'm fiercely loyal to her alone.

Random Stuff that's here for no reason! biggrin

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Awesome Peoples that spoil me!
Marianna SanGale - Lotsa stuff~ <3
xXTrancy AloisXx - Lotsa stuff~ <3
Airi_pretear - 400g <3
Deb_Sapphire - 1000g <3
elyzia - 4000g <3

Hit-and-run artistry spiel :
- tips are always appreciated biggrin
- Do not alter the picture in any way -- if you need it resized or want something tweaked, talk to me.
- If you display it somewhere, use this code:

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/profiles/dante_sonata/12376112/][img]link to image[/img][/url]

(Obviously, if you want it in your signature, you'll have to use tinyurl or a similar site to shorten those URLs.)


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Mother Birthday

Report | 12/22/2012 8:07 pm

Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Mother Birthday

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Marianna SanGale

Report | 02/13/2011 7:30 pm

Marianna SanGale

XD So frilly and pretty~

Report | 02/09/2011 6:08 am


You made me lose the game with your status..... xp

Report | 02/01/2011 7:31 pm


User Image

Report | 01/23/2011 10:41 pm


hahaha. sound like my brother in the kitchen!

Report | 01/23/2011 10:29 pm


roflmbao. my dads like that. i love making stuff and machines and things, but he says its a guy thing to do, and to go clean something x.x glad you get to show some jackoffs where to shove it!! xd

Report | 01/23/2011 10:08 pm


its treating girls with no respect, as property, and such. having no thought for their feeling or concerns, and demanding they act exactly the way you want them to. that i think pisses off more than anything they do.

Report | 01/23/2011 10:04 pm


oh no thats pretty much exactly what i was reffering too! xd
cept you need to add 'treat girls as chattel' to that list.

Report | 01/23/2011 8:49 pm


i just did a survey in that random rawr guild place and yours caught my eye, and i just couldnt stop myself from saying "go girl!!"
id love to see how you handeled one the city gangsters i have to go to school with! biggrin


Female ~ 21 ~ Literate
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Literate Roleplayers | Horse-related items | Langer the Dragon Plushes

I make random banners and arts for random people. Tips are much appreciated. heart
(Read my profile for details; do not ask for art. I draw who I feel like, when I feel like it.)