I'm a believer in the concept that characters become more stale the stronger they become. That combat rather than story makes a bad excuse for a characters existence. That History should have more bearing on where a character will go, than his or her abilities list. That rules and balance inspire creativity within a character design, not stifle it. That grammar isn't everything, and the size of ones posts does not make anyone better than anyone else. That somehow most people forget that Role play is for the interactions, not the ability to write large posts while all alone.

I'm guilty of telling people not to fret over the details of an item, then doing so myself. Of using purple prose, because sometimes it just feels so good. Of occasionally taking hits in non-vital locations/organs for the sake of story instead of dying on the spot (I'm getting better though.) Of spending several weeks on a character profile down to minuscule details and never playing that character. Of typing too fsat and missing minor typos in order to get 'one more post in.' Most of all though I'm guilty of being loyal to a fault, be it a person, or an organization and often missing the faults that I should otherwise have always known.

Genres I prefer-
Steampunk/Plausible Fantasy
'Realisitic' Science Fiction (aka 'Hard' Sci-fi)
Cosmic Horror/Lovecraftian Survival Horror
Gritty Modern or Historical Settings
Psychological Thrillers

Topics I Study-
Weapon Design (Modern & Antiquated)
World Weapons
World History
Metalworking & Metallurgy
Materials Science
Mechanical devices of all sizes

Threads/Places I Frequent-
The Character Creation Thread
Leviathan Stadium & Guild
The Temple of Falis

Jason A. Delacoix


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Have yourself a Merry Little Festivus ^_^

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Where for art thou Dante~? :3 User Image The cows are getting lonely~

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Thank you. 4laugh heart

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once your store sells how much you have sold will be over double =]

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Boo. User Image Just stopping by to show some User Image User Image I still say your profile needs help. User Image But it's okay, I still loveya Jay. User Image
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Happy 5th Anniversary, man.

Damn you're old. =D


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