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Only look at me

Noel vs Makoto. I am noel online battle

Winning in online tournemt final round and person good but got lucky i win

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Sakura180 Junior
Sakura180 Junior

Title: The world is around uThings u see outside of this world.Places u see in the world and every where u go is things around u and life is part of this world in use and around us things that we are close to is strong and things are like air and leafs that touch us is the world and all of u

why things have to happen in my life all the fighting all the things that happening in my life i wish every thing stops and i wish i can be happy for my family but im not

The pain is in side of my heart that can't go way and i wish i can take the pain way but it's all was there in side of me why why it's all was there

I will take u all down and i will not lose

Never give up my dream and never give up life

Title.Why cheat and liewhy u have to take my heart way. Why u have to say the 3 words to me if u love someone else. sometimes i dont get way u have to cheat on me for if i gave u all my love to u. I gave u my heart but u take it like it was a joke. not yet finish

Time comes when u need someone and person never there when u need them the most and when u fall in love person never truly love u in the end just need something from u and it hurts when u trust ur heart to someone and they never care how u feel or how u love them the most. Being alone is better then being hurt in ur heart. Walking from diff path and looking for something in a dark heart then going to something u need to go but befor that try to walk on ur own path then others

This girl cheats on any guy she meets and tell bull crap storys who she is and what she does. I was her bf years ago then later she been dating other guys behide my back and she had 4 guys in her profile as her bf and she has more then one account play with other guys. In her mind always ashely i find out it was not real person it was mind up in her head. find out later plus one of her account are all hers no one else.