well what can I say... question

Name: John Gregory aka Jay aka Danny Fox (preferred to be called Jay) wink

Age: 18 exclaim

Sex: Male rofl

Relationship Status: Single/ Searching ninja

Facebook: Yes ( ninja

Education Status: Still high school....failed 8th for those of you who are wondering
so yeah... arrow

Religious Standpoint: Christian 3nodding

Have I ever been Emo: Yes emo

Hobbies:Writing poetry, short stories, eating,sleeping, video games, taking pictures mrgreen

View Point of Myself: I dont really care what people think of or about me because Im my own person and no one can take that away from me. I pretty much love helping other and being there when needed. Im great at relationship advice and Just being a good friend. Used to get picked on and made fun of still do but thats life itll get better as I grow up. emo

Height: 5'3...yes i know im short for my age -_- eek

Mobile Device/ Cell Phone: Yes, let me get to know you better than I'll see if your worthy enough to speak with me lol jking guys whee

Career Goals: Aspiring Teen/Young Adult fiction Writer. Chef. Photojournalist. rofl

Fav. Color: Black Red Blue Green White Yellow wahmbulance

Fav. Food: General Tsao's chicken, Fried Sqiud/ Octopus razz

Fav. Drink: Root Beer stressed

Fav. Music: Rock, Alternative, Emo Pop, Some Dubsteps scream

Sexuality: Straight cool

Book: I Am Number Four, Subject Seven, Gone, Mangaz pirate

Movie: Action, Sci Fi, Horror, Comedy rolleyes

T.V.: Alot of shows just ask neutral

Pet: 2 Cats, Yin and Yang dramallama

Pass-Time: Chasing geese in the rain with my best friend Amber heart

Likes: Rain, Music, Philosophical Deep Meanings, Bible biggrin

Fav. Bible Verses: Jeremiah 1:8, Psalms Chapter 18, Isaiah 30:15, Genesis 1:1 4laugh

Dislikes: IDK i have alot but none come to mind at the moment lol evil