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Scorpio lol
doge master in training
I like to use lyrics and quotes from things I like. So sorry about it. I love music, games, anime and hobbies are mine.

"Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not"- Brand new

"Were you in love with him?" "I guess I'll never really know, I just I know I felt things I never felt before.. the kind of wrenching feeling. I didn't know what it was, it just tore at my heart.. Have you ever felt that way?" "I have." "I tried to save him, but I think I was the one who was saved" "When I was younger, I wasn't afraid of anything. I didn't have the slightest fear of dying, no reason for it. Thought that if I died, that's fine with me anytime at all.. But then I met a certain woman , and it changed. I started to think that I wanted to survive. For the first time the idea of death began to scare me. It was on my mind- I never felt that kind of feeling. I was almost... paralyzed." " And? Where is she now?" "She... faded off somewhere." - Cowboy bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Been on gaia since, 03'


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Silverstar_Cross Report | 11/12/2017 7:28 pm
You ever role-play at Discord?
Silverstar_Cross Report | 11/12/2017 7:11 pm
I just asked if you ever used the Discord site before. sweatdrop
At least for role-plays.
Silverstar_Cross Report | 11/11/2017 4:26 pm
Pleased to meet you, and you went to Discord before? sweatdrop
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 09/28/2017 3:04 pm

super sorry, i know my last comment was like.. cryptic.
was a bad night, night very very bad.

i like.. fricked off to my cousin's for a while, no internet just to like... settle.

i'm really sorry i bailed, i should have gotten on and messaged you. D:

i'm so sorry i worried you. ; -; pls forgive me i will never do it again.
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 09/23/2017 9:34 pm
wolf.. can we talk please?

skype or something.. idk.. totodiledance is my skype or whatever ...
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 08/12/2017 6:49 pm

And yo, that sucks!! He's so young too :/ jesus
and yeah, it was shitty. i think i saw him maybe like once or twice at max.

YEES. omg it's such a great movie. xD

Ugh yeh. I was diagnosed with scoliosis all of a sudden so i'm like q_q
i'm gonna need surgery on my spine eventually and i'm so scared D:

but ty. a massage would we sooooo welcomed right now, especially from j00..
have you got da magic hands

No bby :< if you need anythiing i'm here for you, you know that rightt?

UGH. omg my mom is the same way. i'm sorry to hear that. those fecking people.
it's the victim game always and forever. h8 it omg

i don't wanna be weird nd ask if you wanna chat via fecking skype or facebook if you have it
but i'm weird
you wanna buy a watch -opens trenchcoat-
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 08/12/2017 1:29 pm
shush ur sweet face emotion_awesome

yeah that does suck. my uncle was living his life like that.
i think he did like.. 18 years or something o-o
sucks because he had 3 kids and it was like D: missed out on all their lives pretty much

idk if you've seen Shaun of the Dead but there is a scene where they're hitting the zombies to Don't Stop Me Now by Queen
das us

it's gonna be great xD

yas gurl you are awesome. captain awesome of the SS fuqin awesome

okay today. i was sick last night with my back pains x.x so i onlyy fell asleep at like 4am
got up at 11 and went out to run errands and shiz
i feel better today tho, thankfully.

how about chu?
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 08/11/2017 3:58 pm
thank youuuuu
you deserve the best too, dahling heart

Yeah for sure. People think they can do all kinds of crazy s**t and then just off scott-free. Like.. no? boi, you going to the big house.

gril yas.
fight them.
and then i'll fight them.
we can be vigilantes and fuq bad people up. rescue cats from trees. you know, cool s**t like that. cool

and thank q.
i took monday and tuesday off as a vacation so i got a 4 day weekend wooooooooooo.
gonna have drinks with friends tomorrow night and then sunday imma go shopping for some shizzle.
and then sleep.
lots o sleep.
and of course chat with you, m'sir. -tips fedora-

hope you have a good weekend too heart
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 08/10/2017 2:24 pm
you is too good to me ; 3;

bless ur face, kind sir.

feckin hell dude. that's some crazy shiit. the world is a messed up place right now. some cops are going nuts. there is a lot of s**t like that happening where i live too.
it's crazy. these cops maced this dude for a traffic violation and his two young daughters were sitting in the back seat so they got the backlash from the mace. it was all over our news here.
i was in the metro the other night and this drunk dude was calling me all kinds of names and i was like ;________;
i was gonna have a panic attack i swear.

i'm just gonna find a cabin somewhere and hide away from people. shits too crazy for me.
Obi Wine Kenobi Report | 08/09/2017 3:54 pm
I miss ya toooooo <3

And yeh I'm okay. He was awful to me and tbh I'm glad I'm out lol.
I will never let anyone treat me the way he did, I promise dat.

Haha, but you definitely still could come up and kick his a**. xD

and WAT XD jfc

never mess with a woman and her chicken, these are wise words to live by, my dude.

How are you doing todaaaaaaaaaay?~



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