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Meh Store! :D BUY STUFF OR DIE >:D

hewoo welcome to Tobi's store! where everything u buy ish from a good boi! (^_^)

sooo......i seee u liek dat item over there......ik u want go get it biggrin

(item) cmon and buy me ik u want 2 :p

~now for the tobi store song~'

bump!.YEA DAT WUZ AWESOME! LETS SING IT AGAIN! bump! now for the expert people verse! BUMP BUMP! biggrin
Now for the Master version. Bump Bump Bump! OMG NOW FOR DA WHOLE SONG! BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP WHY BUY ITEMS ANYWHERE ELSE DING! biggrin now for da remix!!! Ba da ba bup bup im loving it~ biggrin

And if u dont buy andthing i will do da following.....*note that this is not a threat or anything i put this here cuz i got bored*


Im gonna slash and gash put another hole in your @$$!!

Spill blood on the wall and play tennis with your balls!

When the phone rings dont anwer the call,gonna slit
your throat F~word like a goat and peel your 4 skin
off and make a winter coat!



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Bowling for soup High School Never Ends

The cookie song!!!!

Whassupp?! :p

~its meh blaziken~

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Tobi waka laka!

My Aquarium

Your aquarium is undergoing maintenance!

Tobi numa numa!



Danjoshy101's avatar

Birthday: 10/06

~RL pic of me~ (Follow the content thingy to see rl pic of meh)


.......|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~D
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"

Sincerly, Dan Joshua The Terrorist~
︻╦╤─~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
][_, [{}] ][_, > _____ <

~Teh hamster dancee~

The Sora song!

~Bout meh~

WHAASUUUUPPPP PEOPLEZ~ (^_^) My name ish joshua biggrin or u can call meh joshy-san,joshua-san, tobi-kun, joshy-kun or whatever y'all can think of :p

I ish not emo of ur looking at meh profile.... Or am I? DUN DUN DUN!!!! ninja I can be randome,ninja liek or kinda emo.


....(>__> wink .......o yea! hai my name is Joshua...and i like 2.................Eat pINnEaPpLeS!..........

1.I am RaNdOmE
2.I Will bother u if i get bored.P.S(when i get bored u beter run!!!!)
3.I Am a Ninja!
4.I can do dah nInJa GlArE
5.I can do ninja stuff(>__> wink or can I?
6.I LIke pokemon!
7.And NaRuTo
8.I am awesome!!
9.Maplestory pwns!
10.I hab A.D.D in class cuz i hate class!!!!!!
11.I dun rly hab A.D.D i just dun listson 2 da teacher
12.I am a Pokemon master!
13.idk wat 2 say?
14. i rember wat i was gonna say!
15.An apple a day keeps the bus driver a away!

u>> (>__> wink (>__< wink me<< havin sesurezzz! teehee!(^__^)

~The "RP" Life of Joshy~

Name and Nicknames: Tobi-kun, Tobi, Joshy-kun, Joshy-san, Dany, Dan, Dany-kun, Dany-san

Bio: Joshy has been though alot since his past, he has droped down from the whole worlds notice to a very secretive person.
Not very much people know Joshy's true name and true self.
He is a very powerful person and can be hostile, devil-ish, evil, good when confronted.
When demonic he can kill anyone and anything in sight, so if in demonic mode never interfear, helping might change his mood but may be fatal.

If ever get within range of Joshy's physical self put your guard on. He can be very randome for no reason.
And very dangerous. But thats when he is mad, when in a good mood he can be very kawaii and nice.

Weapons: Katana's, Onxy Bolster Sword, Scythes, Shurikens, Kunai's, And whatever he can get his hands on.

Age: Unknown?????

From: Unknown????

Goal in life: To kill those in his path and or way, and to take over the world.

Known attacks: No1 lives to this day to know or tell his attacks.

Race: Unknown????????

Moods: Kawaii, Evil, Demonic, good, angelic, Unknown???

Fighting Style: Well Joshy has a unique way of fighting, when he has his Scythe's he can be quick and fatal in an instant.

With his Onxy Bolster sword drawed...Well.....Not many or any person has lived to this day when seen him draw his sword.

With his Shurikens,kunai's ect he can he sneaky, and tricky, With that he can and will do practically anything to get out of the situation.

But when cut down to his bare hands and legs....Well.....No1 knows and no1 may ever know!

Extra information: Not much known about his true self??


Awww my neice (in rl) made this for me >w< U ROCK ANGELICAAA~ wub chu!

Gansta life party

The united of shut the F#@k up

~my other pet~

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Cool avi!
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Ahahah, of course I remember you! smile Why wouldn't I?
How are you! smile
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hope i tlk to u soon i miss u
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hey tobi :3 how have u been? surprised
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DANY!!! X333!!
-huggles- I missed chuu!! How are you? Do you still have mono? And were fine x3
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WHOA, Tobi! xD You been kissin a lot or something? How'd you get Mono!?
kome-san Report | 02/08/2010 7:00 pm
How'd you get it?
kome-san Report | 02/08/2010 6:44 pm
You have mono!?

this is sempai too! :3 shes funy and fun to play with biggrin

Public enemy No.1


Its meh teddy bear :3