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kimberly40 Report | 03/24/2013 10:58 am
kimberly40 Report | 01/04/2013 5:38 pm
HEY DANITZA biggrin smile
xBubblePop Report | 03/04/2011 7:06 pm
Haha, yeah I saw that ^^ we are now friends on Gaia and Facebook
And it's doing great now! Just can not go onto websites with potential threats!!
xBubblePop Report | 02/28/2011 7:17 pm
Hey, sorry this is sorta late!
Mine is ipokex3@yahoo.com (my name on facebook is Kathy Tran smile
xBubblePop Report | 02/03/2011 2:21 pm
Hiii...I don't have a laptop...again -_-
xBubblePop Report | 12/28/2010 6:16 pm
Ooh, I have vacation until January 3rd too! Haha, what a coincedence ^^
You got your Facebook account again? I MUST add you =D
I like stalking people, so that might be why I know a lot...ahh it sure is fun
I wonder if there has been any person like that...I must find out O.O
You have a wonderful day too~
xBubblePop Report | 12/12/2010 6:58 pm
The pizza my dad got wasn't that good. I mean it was edible, which is like, great but I think they should use a bit more herbs or spices. But way lower calorie than this other store that also sells pizza...hmmm which one should I choose?
Yeah, I'm almost done with the brochure....just need pictures. I'm getting them at school. I've noticed, you have a lot of exams. I would've been very sick of them by now!!!
I hope we can fix it soon. I miss my accounts online T crying T oh wells...
Well, some of my school nows me, Lol, but I guess I know them more than they know me >.< Heh, oh wells. It is true that on facebook, people get to know almost anything about you, but I try to hide most of my info unless I've seen the person, in person unless I'm 100% certain I know that person is nice/kind and isn't decieving!!
Getting info on someone I like...hmm...lol, the guy I kind of like doesn't have a facebook account...at least...I couldn't find him!
Everyone gets typos at least once in their lifetime. I would be sooo amazed if no one never got typos in their entire lives O-O
xBubblePop Report | 12/10/2010 8:55 pm
Yeah, it's pretty much like a party ^^
Pizza is delicious! I have pizza at my school literally every single day. Most of the time, it's full of grease so I never get it. I have pizza in my fridge right now. Going to eat it for lunch tomorrow!!~^^
Yesh, I sure will!!
Homework is tiring -.- I have a "brochure" (I make a fake advertisment brochure) for science class, a presentation for social studies, and a report in language arts. Not much, but for me, still a handful! How about you? Got anything new?
Yep, my cousin said he "fixed" it. He did not :/ might have to give it to my cousin's boyfriend to fix, if not, then we might take it to one of those computer fixing stores. Gonna have to pay quite a bit for that... :/
Yeah, I'm pretty much hooked to facebook. Not a good thing!! I signed up because my friend asked me to, then I found out a lot of other people I knew had a facebook account so everyone from my school is basically my friend. I do agree that everything shouldn't be shared and if you do, people can quickly get information on you. I don't use my real last name, but my mother's instead since I have my father's last name.
(Sorry if there might be typos!!)
xBubblePop Report | 11/25/2010 2:31 pm
Ohh it's Thanksgivining in the states, have you ever heard of it before? A lot of turkey, pies, drinks, etc. etc. mostly party stuff
I love pizza. My school has pizza everyday but it's full of grease but people still get it. Why, I don't know...
Yeah, I made a design of like a toy ball, but there's a boy retrieving the ball in the woods next to a flower. It's pretty. If I get to take home the artwork and my lapop is fixed, I could probably send you it, if you'd like.
Tooooo muchhhh homeworkkkk X-X lol I need to start on an essay due in like 4 days. I'm starting it tonight!! Even if it kills me!!!!!!
Yeah my laptop broke. Well, not physically break, but like it got a virus and still really needs to get fixed. PC computers get way too mch viruses TT^TT I really need to get an Apple (a brand) laptop. It's protected against like 99% of viruses, or so I've heard 3nodding
Thanks, you too ^^ do you have a Facebook account?
xBubblePop Report | 11/16/2010 10:17 pm
Haha, yeah, I am a good student. In my school we have somethig called honors. If your in honors than you know a bjt more than other students. I'm in all three xP yay!
Cooking, ha, it was fun. The last thing we did was make mini pizzas. In the end, they had lots of oil in them, so I dabbed it with a paper napkin. I don't like oil > <
Yippiee~ Art's fun, I see why you like it!! Today we made a sphere but it needs a background. I chose a ball, typical?
I'll trust you! College, I hope, is gonna be easier and/or fun. And again, I got more projects...soo many projects .__. i think i might go crazy soon!!!
Besides me, how about you? You seem to have a lot of tests. I hope your doing good in them~
by the way, my laptop broke so I'm using my phone but it's hard having to see everything through a small screen, so I'm not gonna always be on. But don't worry, I'm NOT quitting Gaia!!


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