Hai Thar :3 My name is Dani. I live my life as much as I can and try to have fun no matter what situations I am in. I am an extremely nice person. I hate being mean to people and I sometimes have trouble saying "no".

Likes: friends, family, music, shopping, meeting new people, interesting people, quality time, alone time, animals, art, poetry, painting, coloring, drawing, photography, random talks, walking, nature, swimming, starbucks, coffee, tea, water, vans, cooking, baking, concerts, Thor, Legolas, shoes, candles, cuddling, blankets, eyes, hands

Dislikes: cable TV at 4am, internet tough guys, stop signs hidden behind trees, crowds, traffic, politics, alarm clocks, egotistical people, rudeness, bullies, crazy old women, spiders, heights, walking in the dark


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