How I wish that bicycles have wings too
so we could ride one and fly together.

Gaians call me Dan, and I recommend you to call the that. I'm not easily pissed off but if you're a real douchebag, I bet you can make me curse your name within 5 minutes. I have a very awkward imagination and I do like weird things. Crazy enough to pull a prank on you. Naive but can be very cynical at times. I tend to hurt people by words even though I don't mean it. Smiling at simple things is my habit. I kick a** when I play the drums, hell yeah believe me. I like talking to little kids, and watch them play. I don't choose friends, and I don't choose enemies either.
I'm a serious bad a**.

the almighty comments
Gimme comments or I'll eat your flesh
With chopsticks, of course