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Ohai, there.
The name's Nadia.
And I like to stroke my c**k.
I'm not your average girl..
I'm pretty sure you won't meet anyone like me.
Here's some facts you might like about me:
-Girl Gamer(:
-Doesn't act without thinking
-Not judgemental
-Realistic, not really a pessimist or an optimist.
-Not much of a hater, but loves to troll smile
-Good Listener
-Big heart
-Open to listen to opinions.

Extra Infoo;;
Age: 23
Birthday: May 31, 1994. BUY ME STUFF 83
Ethinicity: Hispanic/French/American/MiddleEastern In other words I am a MUTT. But who isn't nowadays. razz
Status: Single ready to mingle.
Sex: YES PLEASE. Lol, jk I'm physically a girl, but I'm mentally a boy at times and other times I feel like a girl. xD IF THAT MAKES SENSE. I APOLOGIZE FOR THE CONFUSION. :3
Sexual Orientation: I don't really have a preference, love is love.

Well there you have it..
Wanna get to know me?
Feel free to message & comment me, I always respond.
Have a wonderful day. ♥