I'm not sure exactly what to put here so I guess I'll just roll and see what comes out.
I'm Dophie, Dani, Cassie, Avery, Wren and Thatty. Or rather the last four are OCs. I play favorites with them and Dani and Cassie are by far the faves. If you wanna know about the characters I might post some info or you can ask me~

I'm old..sorta. 27~
I'm a college student going for graphic communications.
I hate school, I'm always behind and procrastinating.
I'm super reserved unless we have something to bond over.
I'm fickle, but I love heavily.
I'm open minded and don't judge anyone for their life choices.
I love to hang out in WG.
I was the creator of the original draw the avatar above you..but it got moved to the art freebie forum and lost in the muck.
I want to be friends with everyone but don't know how to keep conversations going.
I like playing games. WoW, Over Watch, any of the tons of games on Steam..pretty much ask and I'll probably have played or currently play it.
I like yellow Gatorade.
I'm from Texas.
I enjoy drawing and RPing.
I have two dogs.
I binge Netflix way too much.
I'm pansexual
I love tattoos and am heavily tattooed.
I'm 5'9'' and athletic build
I flirt a lot.
I love music of all kinds. Jazz, hip hop, Ska, big band, house, chill hop and loooots of others. The only thing I'm not a HUGE fan of is country and pop. Most everything else is great though.

I appear as Dani is the majority of my Gaia time-- so here's a bit of info about her.

Dani was born to the name of Daniella Nasher, daughter of Nathaniel Nasher and Samantha Young. When she was a young child her mother left her family leaving her and her younger sister in the care of her alcoholic father. Stricken with grief and anger Nathaniel was only able to care for the girls for a month before leaving them on the doorsteps of a catholic orphanage. Dani was old enough to remember but her sister Cassandra--Cassie, was not. To Cassie, Dani is the only family she has ever or will ever have and that is alright with her.

Dani was a rebellious kid, she often broke out of the orphanage to hang around the wrong crowd. She was a thief from the beginning and she was good at it. She was only ever caught once but even then she got away with it because she had the disposition of an angel. She would make promises to Cassie that would seem to never pan out--though in her own respect she meant every one of them and is still trying to make good on them. She wants nothing more than to have Cassie go to college, want for nothing, get married, have kids and live the life they should have had from the beginning. Though even if Cassie does none of that it's alright, Dani just wants her sister to be happy..

At first Dani worked for a group, they called themselves 'The Salvagers' but they began to draw too much attention. They were violent at the end and Dani caught the wrong end of their anger more than a few times before she decided to move on, though it was easier said than done to leave a gang like that. She made a good friend during her time with them and she all but bought her freedom from the salvagers. Valerie Bennet.

She began freelancing expeditions on her own, working as the hired help in undersea salvages and tropical island ventures but the cuts were too small and she couldn't afford what she wanted to do for Cassie. She began her own expeditions, starting small and then began to go for more elaborate hidden treasures. For a long time Val and Dani did everything together but due to an incident that Dani believes was her own fault Val died. After this Dani withdrew from the friends that her and Val shared. Five years has passed and though the memory of Val still burdens her dreams and mind she has tried to move on with her life, she still often gets lost in the pain of the past but she still works.

She often ran into opposing hunters and was gravely injured more than her fair share, but she continues on. During her time in the states she works as a historical consultant for multiple individuals and universities. She has an office attached to the back end of a recovery diving shop where she also works when Carver (the shop owner) is too busy to take all the jobs. She's a certified diver with over a thousand hours in experience.

Dani's Features and info
Age: 26
Height: 5'5''
Build: Athletic
Fears: Dark, demons and spiders.
Eye color: Yellow/brown -- Wears glasses
Hair: Blond
Fun facts: Dani drives a 1977Jeep Wrangler that her friend Tucker had restored while he was in the states. He let her have it when she turned 24

Cassie and her dog Rollo
User Image

Cassie is Dani's younger sister. Calm and calculated, a little cold to people outside of her sister. She's smart but tends to get into trouble because of it. Though she is the younger of the two siblings she is very much protective of her older sister. The sisters look similar in size and build but Cassie has no scars and tends to dye her hair while Dani's face is heavily scarred and she keeps her natural blonde hair.

Cassie is very blunt in her interactions and tends to not really put up with the things her sister would. While Dani is a very understanding and agreeable person, Cassie will be the first to tell you when she is pissed off and that you were probably the cause of it. She has been known to have a bit of a temper. She's stubborn and hard headed.

Cassie doesn't remember her parents, she only knows Dani as her family. Several times while at the orphanage growing up, families would try to adopt Cassie but the families would never work out because Cassie was so attached to having Dani around her. Needless to say they stayed together for the majority of the orphanage time. When Dani turned 18 she was forced out of the orphanage and while she stayed nearby in a rundown apartment she wasn't well equipped to take care of her sister. At this point Cassie was 9 and Dani wasn't home enough to take her in on her own.

Now Cassie is 17 and finishing up in a private school that Dani is funding with the finds from her expeditions. She stays in Washington in the school's campus dorms while he sister is out in the world working to pay for Cassie's college tuition. Every now and then Cassie will make a trip out to wherever Dani may be at the time to spend time with her and help with her studies.

Currently Cassie's interests fall into technology and tracking, analytic work and statistics are also very high on her piqued interests. Since Dani and Cassie live so far away from each other Cassie enjoys making it a game to figure out what Dani is doing day to day. Sometimes she'll silently help her out with work, calling ahead to places Dani might visit and nosing around in Dani's affairs..which often gets her in trouble for being creepy. Cassie will also sometimes challenge herself to see how fine tuned she can pin details about Dani's life. She usually follows her gut in most matters and typically her gut is pretty spot on.

Cassie's Features
Age: 17
Height: 5'4''
Build: Athletic
Fears: Losing her sister and not much else.
Eye color: Golden yellow, same as Dani's
Hair: Naturally blonde..but dyed most times - More often than not it will be black with color in it.


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Jade King LOVES

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Jade King LOVES

Hi Dani!!! Yes you are!! 4laugh heart My snuggly WG family!
Petty Pizza Problemz

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Petty Pizza Problemz

i've missed you too!! <3 i took a super long hiatus; i just had some things to figure out.
Does this mean you won't be on as much after that ; o ; ?
I've been doing ok. Still overworking and getting under paid, especially since I was told my department isn't that important which is total bs, but i'm a sucker b/c i don't like causing friction and won't continually nag about it to get anything better.
Petty Pizza Problemz

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Petty Pizza Problemz

hey, hey, hey~!
how've you been!? <3

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omg e ~e ;;;;; i hope the class isn't too rough,,
but at least you'll be doing something meaningful during the summer! :0
aaaah i see,,, i always enjoy reading your posts tho!!! if it means anything orz. lol
but it's okay to take breaks too!!!

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nice!! i'm looking forward to summer heh
and ah i see, that's understandable. sometimes that forum is a mess tbh lol i just miss seeing you around though, that's all

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okayy just busy with school but i'll be done in about 2 weeks so that's something to look forward to
what about you?
i just haven't seen you around lately and wonder what's up,,,

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slithers around ur profile for absolutely no reason >:T
btw hi

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Well that's Lam. It wont let me post in the DTTAY thread saying it's "old and decrepit" confused . Oh well here's the doodle of you <_< http://i1036.photobucket.com/albums/a449/kivichi/Artwork/Gaia Online/DTAAY/dophii_zpsnyprcgdv.png
Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

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Thee Magical Yuri Toaster

I miss you! emotion_hug

Are you on Twitter or anything else?

If you don't mind my asking.

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emotion_hug I hope you like your gift emotion_bigheart

Is easy to be sweet with such great friends like you!


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