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Wrath Demon

Personality: Madness does what he wants when ever he wants. One moment he can be having fun laughing and joking and in another your heart can be in his hand. "I am what lies in the deepest corner of your mind. We all have it, you all have me. Madness is everywhere and I love it. True Madness will take you when you come across us.."

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Yashiro Kōsaka

Master of all weaponry

Satsujinken user

Means the Fist of Killing, the practitioners of these beliefs believe that killing the opponent is the way to use their martial arts skills. It is the yin belief that martial arts were created to kill and destroy.

Regeneration Type II

Minor wounds such as cuts, bruises, and light burns heal faster than normal.

Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss.

Critical wounds such as lost limbs, damaged nerves, and internal organs cannot be regenerated, as wounds would simply close up faster and lost organs remain lost.

Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be regenerated, resulting in permanent scarring.

Sei/Dou Ki user

A Sei-type martial artist hides his intention to fight, instead focusing on sensing his/her environment, then releases it quickly in response to danger.

A Dou type martial artist uses his/her anger to exceed his/her limits. As such, they tend to be aggressive in combat, and very rarely strays from the offensive.

Superhuman Strength

User has strength beyond that of a normal member of their species.

Type I: Being able to lift up cars to trucks, buses, and large boulders.

Enhanced Speed

Can move faster than peak humans, but not too high superhuman levels.

Enhanced Endurance

Endure beyond the limits of peak human potential.


A combat method that involves controlling the entire radius within one's arm length, creating a spherical shield around oneself. It can be used for offence and defence.

Ryusui Seikuken

Ryūsui Seikūken is an advanced form of the original Seikūken. Instead of extending the radius of the Seikūken, it turns that principle inward, reducing it to a thin layer above the skin to dodge the opponent's attacks at the last possible second. This principle is necessary because dodging at the final moment before an attack hits saves time and energy. An absolutely calm mind is necessary to be able to use it, as even a slight degree of emotion will disrupt the technique.

Blood of the Oni

In this state the Oni takes over the body granting Yashiro increased strength and endurance. While in this state the Dou Ki takes over and the release of energy stores in his horns. When the horn reach maximum capacity Yashiro can release a blast of Dou that resembles flames.


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Hades can create, shape and manipulate planetary systems, sets of gravitationally bound non-stellar objects in orbit around a star or star system. Generally speaking, systems with one or more planets constitute a planetary system, although such systems may also consist of bodies such as dwarf planets, asteroids, natural satellites, meteoroids, comets, planetesimals and circumstellar disks.

Cosmic Space Manipulation
Eclipse Manipulation
Lunar Manipulation
Solar Manipulation
Fundamental Forces Manipulation
Orbital Force Manipulation
Circadian Manipulation
Orbital Debris Manipulation
Planetary Manipulation
Planetary System Creation
Planetary System Destruction
Process Speed Manipulation
Stellar Manipulation
World Manipulation
Biosphere Destruction

Hades Servant and Heavenly Stars:
Abilities: Like Athena, she has no physical strength in battle, but her cosmos alone is at a deity's level. She wields a trident capable of firing bursts of energy powerful enough to break a Golden Armor,
and create explosions of cosmos capable of preventing an attack of a god. But mainly, her main weapon is the harp, whose music is capable of torturing anyone who listens,
she is also in possesion of a ring that materialize serpents to hold her opponents. When forced to escape, her speed is almost comparable to that of Leo, teleporting at the speed of light to anywhere she wants.

Heavenly Fierce Star, Wyvern Rhadamanthys
Maximum Destruction: Radamanthys most powerful attack. Radamanthys concentrates the cosmos in his hands, then it triggers a powerful and devastating tidal wave of shock, clashing with the enemy.
When the shock wave is going toward the enemy, it takes the form of a Wyvern.

Roar slider: After a roaring sound of a Wyvern, Radamanthys gives a great leap and goes flying through the air, sliding to its target, attacking his opponent from the front and from the heights.

Roar of the Wyvern: He pronounces the name of its attack, releasing a powerfull and violent roar.

Heavenly Noble Star, Griffon Minos
Cosmic Marionette: Minos uses the cosmos to create very fine and solid power cords, almost invisible, clinging to the arms and legs of the enemy,
this allows Minos to keep the body of his opponent difficult to control and manipulate their movements at will, as a mere marionette, bending and distorting what he wants with a grotesque and frightening
display of sadism.

Wings of Hell: Minos rises and moves the wings of his surplice.The beating wings of the Griffin Surplice exudes a cosmic high concentration to form a hurricane.

Heavenly Valiance Star, Garuda Aiacos
Garuda Flap: A two part attack. Aiacos first expels a gust of wind through his arms, sending the opponent soaring miles into the air at top speed. The spectre then crosses an "X" on the ground with his feet and
begins a 3 second countdown. At the end of it, the opponent is knocked back down to the ground, usually crashing onto the "X" as marked.

Galactica Illusion: Aiacos' stronger technique. At its most basic, it is a more powerful version of "Garuda Flap", minus the countdown. Grand illusions of demonic eyes are seen flashing in the background as Aiacos unleashes
a high speed air current at his opponent through crossed arms.

Galactica Death Bring: A technique that relies on immobilizing and burning the opponent's central nervous system from the inside out by channeling Aiacos' Cosmo intensely through the eyes.

Surendrajit: Aiacos burns one of his loyal Skeletons to death, enabling him to transform their souls into a rain of flaming feathers.

Celestial Longevity Star, Vampire Veronica
Crimson Cross: The specter creates a giant red cross that shoots powerful energy blows at the target, this technique has shown the ability to connect dimensions.

Crimson Billow: With a giant destructive power, energy beams fused with water are created and directed to a target.

Heavenly Fiery Star, Phoenix Kagho
Corona Blast: Kagho creates an enormous sphere of fire similar to a star, then shoots it at his opponent.

Crucify Ankh: Allows Kagho to shoot many black fire stakes that enter into the body of the opponent and start burning him from the inside.

Rising Darkness: Creates a dark sun, killing the opponent from dehydration.

Heavenly Wailing Star, Harpy Valentine
Greed the Live: Valentine lifts his arms and flaps his wings concentrating his cosmos into dozens of powerful violet rays that shoot out at the speed of light as strong winds begin to hit the same spot causing an
explosion devouring the life force of the enemy.

Sweet Chocolate: Valentine summons the spirits of harpies, which throw the opponent and devour their soul.

Heavenly Rise Star, Dryad Luco
Curse of Lily: With white lilies, he could cure and/or sedate the target


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thanks for buying
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ohhhh i think i know what happened, someone was probably behind you or near you or something haha
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Haha, earlier today in towns 2? It wasn't very long but you seemed cool so I figured I'd add you.
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We talked in towns for a bit?
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Quite well my friend, quite well indeed. And I might try to work at Amazon from home or something.
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This is true. Jen is dat money maker, but I kinda want an at home job. Which she's said is a good idea.
I really just want to be my own boss.
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The kids are doing good. Who knew I'd enjoy being a housewife? I never did.
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Fair enough. I got a lot to occupy myself with when I don't get on here. Taking care of the twins and all that.
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Been pretty good. How about you?
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Hey guy. Long time no hi.

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