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Hey there ^^ Interest list not fully updated,ESPECIALLY the fav animez part,i have way too many that it ain't even funny x.x waz looking for a few of the animez i missed that i know are my fav but forgot the name of and then i noticed that there'z a new episode of strike the blood,SOOO....yeah. MUST WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!
But anywayz,i'll finish the list and what not some other time when i feel like it along w/ thiz "about me" thing(i don't do these thingz w/ updating my profile often unless i gotz nothing to do razz ),mah name'z Damen,if ya wish add me then message me first unless you wanna wait a week or so for my decision on if i should add that random stranger that didn't even bother to read a little about me here first xD hope we can be friendz if you've read thiz far down ^^ oh and i can't forget thiz...SMELL YA LATER!!!! XD (quote by Gary Mothef*cking Oak,a true geniuz in my eyez.)

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Danie Booth Report | 10/27/2013 1:32 pm
Danie Booth
lol ninja blood? well if you're really into it you might wanna try this site's game called "ZOMG!" it can be everything and anything with all sorts of sidequests and what not!
and hmm alright i''ll join you then!!!
also it might cost a lot to get you a real bunny...maybe,depending on the price xD
lmao lets gang up on sime bunniez! biggrin
Danie Booth Report | 10/27/2013 12:40 pm
Danie Booth
Ahhh,i see then i'll be seeing your post sometime. lol i do the same but still dude you like dissapeared!
well idk if i'll level up soon,i'm almost halfway to reaching lvl 5,but finding the damn bunnies is hard stressed stressed stressed so gaining kill XP is even harder. scream scream
lol my deaths haven;t increased by much,1 or 2. so i'm good. if we were to have been on the same forum i could've healed you bro :/ i don't like dying either,so i get chu.
wanna gang up on some bunnies?! whee
I see you've discovered emotes? xd rofl
Danie Booth Report | 10/26/2013 8:43 pm
Danie Booth
...You're welcome? i don't think this was menat to be such a deep experience XD
Julio,you little twit! you're playing it too much! XDDDDD i bet you're catching up to me by now!!
this is not acceptable!!!
btw what lvl are you? and what forum are you in,i don't see your posts!
Danie Booth Report | 10/26/2013 4:47 pm
Danie Booth
i found you the cookies you wanted smile
Danie Booth Report | 10/25/2013 4:43 pm
Danie Booth
Relax young knight! thou shalt hath your cookiez XD
soon enough i'll send you further instructions on how to obtain them. pirate
Danie Booth Report | 10/25/2013 5:42 am
Danie Booth
Sup' bro!?



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