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Hi I'm Ash and I totally suck with humans.
I'm picky.
Can't keep friends because they forget me in 3 days :")

Todomatsu is actually my BFF since 2011
My BF doesn't go on Gaia but he knows about the system and shizznuts.

- I have multiple talents
- Been on Gaia since 200....4? 2003/2004,
- I'm disabled
- I hate people actually
- I also hate multitude of things.
- Good luck don't ******** it up folks.


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Castle memories

Various OCs and tidbits will be written here.



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lntoner Report | 04/19/2019 12:12 pm
ohh alright! yeah I was using this item but eh.
lntoner Report | 04/19/2019 12:02 pm
oh thanks! yeah, something like that is good. don't you need it for your own cosplay tho?
lntoner Report | 04/19/2019 11:15 am
what is it o:
lntoner Report | 04/19/2019 10:45 am
oh right - I saw that art yesterday, I was happy to see that, since not a lot of people seem to know of drakengard in general. zero's outfit works with your oc tbh.
and idk if there's an item out there for zero besides the flower sadly ):
probably because it's not a well-known game.

basically have to try making a white bra/one of those flowy white belts look like it's all one piece of clothing. the other intoner (since my user starts with a lowercase L lol ) has a zero cosplay, wish I could figure out that sword she's using but o well.
lntoner Report | 04/19/2019 10:21 am
ye dod3 is the best emotion_awesome
I have a few cosplays of the intoners too, been meaning to update them but I always forget ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Guardian Sandman Report | 02/21/2018 6:59 am
The small guardian smiled at her comment of him being like a pillow.
He rubbed the cheek she touched, and let out a silent laugh. A sentence made of golden sand displayed itself above his head,
"I'm quite fond of pillows to sleep on, so I'll take your words as a compliment! It is nice to meet you!"
Guardian Sandman Report | 02/07/2018 4:02 am
-Boops back-
Axel FireFlames Report | 04/18/2017 3:03 pm
he's ok. resting up
Axel FireFlames Report | 02/27/2017 6:42 pm
yeah only electronics i own is a phone. and one of em pocket game. though it was worth it. i get to hang there for as long as i want, i took a second job there as one of them though i gotta keep my other job a secret for reasons lol i just say i hang around the outer area. how u been?
Axel FireFlames Report | 02/23/2017 8:09 pm
lol s**t, i dont have a laptop anymore, i went down to Yokohama and met a chick at one of those internet cafe shops and i purposely threw my laptop over a cliff the other day just to say without lying i dont have access to the internet lol got her number and everything and it was worth it, still worth it. XD. i just come on here once in a while now cuz i forgot my email and s**t. so im kind of screwed that a bit but s**t i dunno what im talking about now, so i heard that US is ******** and im like eek where the hell did the people think it was right to hire an orange for president, i read that s**t online and yelled DUCk and dude next to me gave me some duck and it was way good, it had all that sauce and and with the steam bun i carry i turned that into my afternoon snack, oh yeah i found out that on valentine day that the chicks are suppose to give gifts on valentines day and we give them back a month later. i was like wtf free stuff man, but i got 5 gifts from 5 different chicks and im like i dunno what to get. what do you women like as a return thank you gift? i need 4 as cool but lets be buddys and 1 hey girl you and me up and down the city and off our minds like new years and s**t. aw man i put too much here but miss talking to u buddy. im not really good at roleplaying even in bed types lol so id suck in rpg type and s**t. i tried it on a online game and before.




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