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Hrm.. let's see, what can I say about myself...? I think, for simplicity's sake, we're just going to try and break me down into categories.

I've been part of Gaia in one form or another since about May or so of 2005. I have a tendency to change my name here when I get bored or feel the need for a change about. So that being said, I'll answer to the following or variants thereof...

AKA: Lanth, Sinfin, Sinegelf, Lanfin, Fire, Gelfy

I consider the Breedables/Changeables to be my "home" forum. All the people I talk to are there and frankly, I enjoy cute/pretty/shiny art. A lot. However, there are a few shops that I adore more than others...

They are: Elderspark, Shadows of Africa & Asia, In the Name of the Moon, and Audio Rhetoric

I have a variety of other interests and hobbies which include, but are not limited to: sharks, renaissance faires, sewing, reading, steampunk, writing, science-fiction/fantasy, movies and music.

And speaking of movies and music, I absolutely ADORE Abney Park. Give them a listen sometime. Steampunk themed music is ******** awesome, 'kay? And as for movies, I LOATHE chick flicks, romcoms and 99.9% of any films involving Jack Black, Adam Sandler or Rob Schneider. I much prefer fare like Smokin' Aces, Lord of the Rings or Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I have very male tastes in movies. However, I still enjoy some Disney animated films like, Princess and the Frog. Ray is adorable so shush. Hrmm.. basically, I guess I enjoy movies that have some bite to them. And while it is not a movie, I LOVELOVELOVE Primeval. Bizarre windows through time? Dinosaurs and future beasties sneaking through to chase adorable British men? Pffft! I am SO there!

And speaking of adorable men, I have my fair share of celebrity man crushes. To be blunt, I like pretty men. But by "pretty" I don't mean some emaciated, androgynous beast. Frankly, David Bowie is the only one who managed to make that look good. No, I mean men that I personally find appealing in some way. Kevin Durand, Andrew Lee Potts and Ryan Reynolds are good examples of this. Sure, they're all cute, but they're also all funny and/or intelligent people. And well, I value intelligence.

Which finally brings us, in a quite roundabout way, to the things I dislike. Rather than attempt lengthy explanations of my hatreds, I'll simply give brief reasons.

Twilight Franchise: It's a housewife spank fest. And frankly all the rabid fans don't help make it anymore appealing. In fact, it's the rabid fans who've turned a mild disdain into active acerbic loathing. CONGRATS! 8D

Yaoi: Again, the rabid fangirls are responsible for my hate here. If I really wanted to have stupid, improable boy love pairings shoved down my throat, I'd go rent gay porn. Oh, and here's a tip... Yaoi is NOT the ultimate expression of true love nor is it the only worthwhile form of love in the world. I will ******** punch you in the throat if you try to sell me that line.

Dogmatic, Willful Ignorance: I save a special place of loathing in my wee, pagan heart for those people who hide behind dogma and willful blindness to the larger picture. Would you like an example? Gee, I knew you would! Let's take a couple of recent tragedies. Hurricane Katrina and the recent Haitian earthquake. Both resulted in terrible loss of life and property damage. The special little snowflakes that I'm referring to here hid behind a brand of "Christianity" so utterly wrong and alien that they blamed the people who suffered for what happened. Because New Orleans was a city made of sinners and because the Haitians made deals with the Devil, they were visited by disasters and sorrow. I'm sorry, but seriously? ********. You. People that blind and hateful are proof that something exists, but I doubt it's God.

Okay, I'm done now! 8D


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I love the whole world, it's such a brilliant place



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