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This is where I speak

It's all f*cking bullsh*t. There really isn't anything worth living for. Just survive long enough to procreate, raise the sproglings, then die. What the f*ck do I want with a life like that? Nothing. I don't want to be here when there isn't anything to live for. so fine. I won't live. But damnit, I'm not going to let you take what small pleasures I do have from me. I may not live, but I'm certainly not going to die. A hedonists life where the only pleasure is that of material things, where one's heart doesn't exist and kindness is only provided because you hope to get something out of it. A life where pleasure is silk sheets and rich food, not something stupid like loving words and warm hugs. I may have to pay hard earned money for my pleasure, but at least it won't turn around and leave me when the situation doesn't suit it.

~what you hear when I speak is the bloodcurdling yorp of animals in the abattoir; the terrified pant of the gazelle in the lion's mouth; the scream of mothers in places where children grow into graves the way they should grow into hand-me-down clothes. What you hear when I speak is the burning up of life.

~I'll draw you a picture
I'll draw it with a twist
I'll draw it with a razorblade
I'll draw it on my wrist

And if I do it correctly
A red fountain should appear
Washing away my sorrows
Washing away my fears

~ -The closer you are to the light,the larger your shadow becomes.But don't be afraid. Shadows may shift but they never leave.
-The hedgehog's dilemma... The nearer we come up, the more deeply we hurt each other...
-Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

-You do know that ‘fine’ is really an acronym for Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional?

pix *sigh* I told you they'd be up on Monday, didn't I?
I'm sure, even if you don't agree, that you can see why I hate them...

Sweet people^^

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Aerienni Report | 12/09/2012 7:33 pm
It's Risky o.o Run for your liiiiiiiiives!

Aerienni Report | 12/07/2012 10:06 pm
lol Hai!
Aerienni Report | 06/26/2012 12:19 pm
*glomps in return*
NotYourTypicalBlank Report | 06/23/2012 9:00 am
*pokes back*
Arianne Elise Report | 10/08/2011 7:48 am
eek I would get lost and end up a different state, methinks. But one day, ne?
Arianne Elise Report | 10/04/2011 4:48 pm
I miss you too sad
Arianne Elise Report | 10/02/2011 7:39 pm
Minerva_Wisdom Report | 09/12/2011 8:50 am
~hug~ miss you
TokeSick Report | 08/19/2011 12:07 am
i miss you too angel.........alot........so much it hurts
TokeSick Report | 07/16/2011 12:40 am
your not here.................im so tired................waiting.............
Shizuka Fox

If you cannot protect, you are worthless.You cannot even protect yourself. *disgusted*

Kill me as you will,
for no longer will I bear...
These human tears,
and human fears,
are dominating me

*disgusted snarl* this is what you make of yourself? You should be as sick of yourself as I am of you!

*sad shake of the head* and you even consider that you might be worth these things you call friends? *sickened*