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Birthday: 11/30


Oh, Hi there!~
I'm DaisukeRin....
You can call me Dai, Rin, or whatever pleases you. ;D
I fell out my mom's v****a on November 30th, 1992.
Give me gifts. ;3

I am a male (avi's might confuse you at times)
I am bi-sexual.... ;o
I am a vegetarian... and against anything dealing with hurting animals.
I like making new friends and I like to believe I'm unique.
Don't burst my bubble? Puh-lease? nwn
I love colors, they make this world EXCITING!

Nice smelling things (hand sanitizer, candles, spray, fabric sheets.. etc ^-^)
Duct Tape
Kid movies
Homo's ;3
Random buttsex ;D
Jumping through walls yelling "Oh yeahhhh!"

Annoying people
Animal abusers
Super nooby noobs >__<
Being alone
Judgmental people

There's more stuff on those lists... I'll just add on in time. [:
I love going to rally's and killing in zOMG...
Hang with me? ;3

So sorry, no pics for the stalkers... ;P
Well... I'm done for now.
Message me or something if you want to know more! o3o

What I'm questing right now.

2 million gold. >w<;;

Mr Cuddly Kitten