Traveler from afar, presence that not really there, shadow of reality.... I am despair.

I'm Daisuke Despair.... I'm a traveler that never seems to be fully there, I carry the burden of the world, I feel the emotions of them all. I drown in my despair. But all in all, life isn't so bad for this one.

I live a good life and I do what I can, If I can never really be happy atleast others can, and I'll help them in that.


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~~The Tome of Tears~~

Power of the pen....

Within us all lies a deep pain, this tome holds humanities scars. Aswell as some personal thoughts of the caretaker himself....



~Look into your soul.... It's time to learn in the end your left with yourself, and Despair.... I offer a hand to guide you to your fate, despair is all there is, embrace it.~

----Tome of Tears.