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If you are reading this that means I seemed interesting enough to stalk
I'm Dairiseki Shotaro (Obvious fake name~!),
26 years of age
I'm into anime, games, and cars
Campaigner personality: INFP-A / INFP-T
Catch me in towns or rally!

League of Legends: King Kuma
Tumblr: DairisekiShotaro
Instagram: kingkuma.exe
Snapchat: iamkingkuma.exe
Discord: iamkingkuma#3853
Kik: MrMusclesexy
Twitter: DairisekiSan
Steam: SkullCandyEater
BattleNet: KingKuma#1735
Xbox Live: GoupdaGangVang
Uplay: DairisekiSan
Origin: IamKingKuma
Facebook: (Ask me for it)
Phone: (Yeah right buddy rofl )

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Always Has Been Report | 09/09/2020 7:55 pm
Always Has Been
Give me the money
X_wishing_well_X Report | 04/11/2020 11:20 pm
ah dude, that's so great!! I'm glad that you've found something that you enjoy :')
Do you own a Tesla? :0 way to be electric!! and efficient??
aw that's so sweet of you?! I don't mind, thank-you!! heart ah gosh, what would you like to hear, originals, covers, both??
X_wishing_well_X Report | 04/09/2020 12:15 am
aw dang :c hopefully things will get better soon, sorry friend crying
ooh very nice! i didn't know that you were in the technician field. Do you enjoy it?
also TESLA factory, that's amazing!! really hoping you get into the factory woo!! it's good to have those contacts c:
aw it's totally alright for you to ask-- a lot has happened! am currently just working part time (but with current times, am temporarily laid off ahh, so applying for services to help me out)
i graduated from University just last year c: and in the Fall will be heading back to school, for teaching :') still living at home!
been working on lots of music as well, I just have to finish recording everything and continue with the art for it ahh. but writing and making music, it's really nice.
X_wishing_well_X Report | 04/07/2020 1:08 am
oh yikes, that ain't so good, sorry to hear that, man :C
ooh very nice!! what kind of a job are you looking for, if it's okay to ask?
and that's great to hear about cheaper rent, for sure. whee
ahh i know, are you planning to move out during this quarantine or will it have to be after?
glad you're excited, though emotion_c8
X_wishing_well_X Report | 04/05/2020 11:41 pm
that's really great to hear that you've been doing good 3nodding
what really?? aw I'm sorry to hear that sad is it an easy fix, or...?? have never fixed a car before oop
is that... the mid-west?? why there, if it's okay to ask?
am excited for you, though, that's amazing c:
X_wishing_well_X Report | 04/04/2020 11:12 pm
thanks, friend heart I'm doing alright, thanks! how are you?! how are you holding up during this time?
just looked at your last message, did you end up moving out? whee

X_wishing_well_X Report | 03/31/2020 12:45 am

i swear i'm gonna keep asking this whenever i come back from a hiatus

but seriously, do you remember me? sweatdrop
happy suprize Report | 03/26/2020 4:05 pm
happy suprize
happy suprize Report | 03/25/2020 10:07 pm
happy suprize
happy suprize Report | 03/24/2020 9:42 pm
happy suprize

This sexy guy hurrr----->

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