∙ languages
∙ dreams
∙ instrumental music
∙ springtime
∙ fruit
∙ the colour orange
∙ poetry
∙ jazz
∙ raw veganism
∙ dinosaurs
∙ old maps
∙ flags
∙ nature
∙ blossoms
∙ abandoned buildings
∙ birds
∙ canidae
∙ deer
∙ being barefoot
∙ cacti
∙ fawns
∙ mushrooms
∙ tumbleweeds
∙ starry skies

About Moi

Hullo c:
You may call me Daii.

My biggest passion in life is languages. My dream is to be multilingual!

I love animals, languages, poetry, photography. I've listed some of my likes over there. I tend to get depressive sometimes so I like to remind myself of the things that make me happy when I feel low c:

I do try my best to be friendly and polite, so feel free to talk to me!

may my heart always be open to little
birds who are the secrets of living
whatever they sing is better than to know
and if men should not hear them men are old

e e cummings


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Macabeak Report | 10/03/2013 6:01 pm
Oh wow, what was your major? biggrin Congrats on finishing!

Been good, aside from the flu. Even have a boyfriend, gasp! (Long distance, but he can still visit occasionally)
I've only been coming on here in bursts, haha. Right now I'm between jobs and classes so I come on here more.

It always feels weird the first few days back on Gaia, though, huh?
Macabeak Report | 10/03/2013 3:13 pm
How've you been? 4laugh
YourAzureGoddess Report | 09/27/2013 9:49 pm
Awwww, your new avi is beautiful! heart Now I'm wondering if we have the same base or a similar one? That would be really funny if we did! mrgreen
Quote of the Day Report | 09/27/2013 11:36 am
Thank you too. whee
Quote of the Day Report | 09/27/2013 9:28 am
I like your WG's. yum_puddi
adves Report | 09/26/2013 2:19 am
c: thank you so much!
Skeet Draconis Report | 09/24/2013 8:43 am
User ImageHunt those that would destroy the world...

Thank you~ c:

...destroy the beasts before they destroy us all.
External Penetration Report | 12/19/2012 1:56 pm
so I spent forever trying to think of why your username stood out to me (like, I could feel that we'd had an attachment but I couldn't remember if we'd roleplayed together or something) but then I remembered YOU'RE FROM DECORA WORLD OMG
I dunno if you remember me (I was Elee) but yeah, it hit me along with a lot of memories. xD
how've you been darling?
VENOMeyeliner Report | 10/15/2012 3:38 pm
Dai heart !
I'm wonder thanks! How are you?
It's been way to long, haha.
Jack1of1heartz Report | 10/14/2012 2:45 am
Could I buy your panda slippers for 1.85m?