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Item List:
Black Goth Skirt
Classic Partition Top
Cloud Zebra Wrap
Coal Gunner Boots
heart Donated by Mea heart
Gray Peasant Gloves
Maid Collar Necklace
Red Leather Belt
Romani Glasses
heart Donated by Mea heart
Silver Bracelet
heart Donated by Lastcloud heart
Estimated Price: 7,777 Gold
Striped Stockings
Estimated Price: 7,999 Gold

Estimated Total:
133,864 Gold

(Estimated with known item values on 16 February 2007)

My Primary RP Character

Female Anthro-Kitty
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From head to toe Dai dresses in the polar opposites of black and white. From her midnight black combat boots laced in white, to her striped stockings that rise to meet her white edged black frilly-laced skirt, to her white shirt with Japanese Kanji marked in black ink randomly across its surface. The only exception to this is her shoulder-length hair, which is black at its base rising to a deep blood red; even her wings are fluffy white with two distinct large black feathers, twice the size of all the rest, standing out on their undersides.
Dai has blood red eyes and nails, and two black tipped white cat ears (in place of human ears on her humanoid body, most often laying down her neck unless tracing noises), and a black tipped white cat tail. Her voice, when she speaks, is deep and commanding... unless she's talking to Midnight, in which case it softens and become feminine and loving. This is rare though, for she knows that their paths lie in two different directions, and though they lay side-by-side they do not cross often.

History: The origins of Dai’virlesa are still somewhat clouded in mystery, for none know of her true age or her complete heritage. What myths go around in knowledgeable circles, are still far from accurate, but there are a few things that ring true. Dai was a high-level demon, having worked her way up the ranks throughout the ages, though she holds no sway in any great demonic circuits anymore. She prefers to rough it on her own, accepting no help even when sorely needed, taking faith in only herself and her weapons and abilities.

Every so often, she takes it upon herself to learn a new technique, weapon, ability or fighting form in order to better herself. From her current range of abilities you can gather her true age is mostly unfathomable and yet there is still much left for her to learn. Her latest foray is into guns and weapons, learning the ways of modern man whilst still maintaining the arts of the ancestors. Her last mission before arriving her at Dark Desires, left her with many new scars (not all of which are physical) plus a little kitten known as Mea'eshana (see post below).

Weapons: Luck and Chance… two Desert Eagles – large caliber gas-operated semi-automatic pistols, one black with a white grip and the other white with a black grip, both have dice-like markings on them. She also carries around a pouch full of small dice, which she uses to charge and throw like grenades and is learning the higher arts of Bojutsu, meaning she is also proficient with the Bo Staff usually strapped to her back.

Skills: Energy Charge (Able to charge any item with a mass of energy that explodes upon impact), Martial Arts – Savate (French Boxing) and Bojutsu (Staff Fighting), Mimicry (can imitate almost any vocal sound after hearing it for only a few moments), “Streetwise” (knows the lay of the land and how to blend in).