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Report | 12/11/2018 1:31 pm


Cute profile and avatar! heart
raida janpu

Report | 11/05/2018 3:10 pm

raida janpu

raidajanpu lol

i know. fb is horrible but the event pages are so convenient
raida janpu

Report | 11/05/2018 1:23 pm

raida janpu

cool beansies
hahahaha i have a phone i just use messenger or instagram to communicate with others
my insta has old drawings on it because i guess im finally okay with showing people my WIPs even when im not where i wanna be (ONE DAY, I WILL DRAW LIKE YOSHINARI!) ((BUT PERSPECTIVE IS KILLING ME!!!))

well the term you used was "manipulate" which generally has a very negative connotation lol
but yea, language is a tool, it all comes down to how ya use it

ive gotten "sometimes you talk like an evil genius" once and i laughed because thats so far from the truth. im constantly confused about every single thing all the time no exceptions. buT REALLY IF ONLY!!! ID BE OFF THIS ENTIRE PLANET BY NOW
raida janpu

Report | 11/05/2018 11:13 am

raida janpu

woah, yeah. never thought about that ticket thing. that'd also make a great story!

thats true, the main reason why i decided i wanted to draw this comic-that-im-never-going-to-draw was because of the inevitability of aging. now im wondering how much i even care about it but thats just the self-defeatist me trying to convince me why they have it right. im constantly arguing with this one. eff off m8. i still plan on drawing though, watching all this anime keeps putting me into the mood! Gamba no Bouken is my current fire.

i laughed because that is totally a 'you' book to pick up hahaha. it sounds interesting but my hobbies have currently cycled: im back on the anime/manga grind. it'd take me forever to read it. (it also takes me way longer to finish a manga ((that isnt by kenji tsuruta, panpanya, nakatani nio, or nagata kabi)) than an anime)

sure thang, lemme know when youre in the mood for company (my fellow introvert). i have alternating days off. this week i got lucky and scored 3 days off in a row (mon-tues-weds) while my usual is (mon-wed-fri) or (tues, thurs, sats). have you been to Kaiju yet? that new ramen place in town? lets go there sometime!! i have to try all the cocktails (not in the same day obvs but i got one yesterday). emotion_yatta

i still dont have a phone number tho btw
raida janpu

Report | 11/05/2018 9:54 am

raida janpu

any general area youre eyeing? tasia's up in ny now, not the city tho.

man, that'd be kinda cool. i know a dude who did that - he studied japanese at umass and then took a trip to japan and ended up starting a band there. he came back and still plays music here but still.
id actually have to learn japanese and not become a depressed wreck and drop any sort of productivity for 8 yrs again first. im hoping that since i work at umass i can take classes for a discounted price or something but knowing me i wont take initiative because im a sociophobe who constantly needs trusted human support in order to talk to other humans about anything. so im p much doomed emotion_yatta
and yea the age of the internet and all but im too much of a procrastinator if there is no external pressure to get s**t done by a deadline. when its just me to my own devices i dont have any deadlines that hold any weight. its always like "try to get this done by this time -- oh lookit that thing over there!!! that seems interesting!! WHATS THIS NEW OBSESSION IVE JUST OBTAINED"
raida janpu

Report | 11/05/2018 9:21 am

raida janpu

lol classic. i cant design complicated avatar - im not good enough with color and it also seems like a lot of work trying to find balance in weight distribution.

i only come back to shitpost on CB when there are no interesting threads on this other shitty anime blue-board forum i need to quit but "don't forget: you're here forever" gonk
if i wasn't such a sociophobe id actually figure out a way to create a local retro animu club so i could meet people in the area who actually know names like Tezuka, Dezaki, Yoshinori, Ishinomori etc etc etc
whenever i meet a weeb theyre almost always into post-2000s battle shounen and yea animated fight choreography is p cool but its not the only thing anime has to offer.

nah havent been to japan yet, but i have a job again so there might actually be potential in it. my band has played with 3 japanese artists who have told us to come tour in japan. i dont actually think it will happen because we're all useless when it comes to organising but we have connections now at least.

you tryna leave mass or just a-town in particular?
raida janpu

Report | 11/04/2018 5:53 pm

raida janpu

thx i literally put zero effort into it and yet everyone seems to love it
what up m8, you make it to japan yet?
Bright Midnight

Report | 07/28/2018 12:49 pm

Bright Midnight

Thanks for buying! whee
raida janpu

Report | 04/29/2018 5:47 pm

raida janpu

i am bored i was also kinda drunk when i wrote that
i will accept exactly one apple pie
raida janpu

Report | 04/29/2018 12:12 am

raida janpu

you still in murrica my dude? because im coming to your house, im drinking your gin, and im playing whatever vid game youre throwin at me. i ******** suck at them now because i literally dont play them and im hyper-competitive but i srslsy dont wanna be because this attitude takes the fun out of it all. booze loosens me up, lets ******** battle my dude


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