Profile: To be updated when I have time.

You wanna see a picture of me...
Okay... fer realz?
Some dude with a mustache? Yep, that's not me. I drew that on him thought. =] Okay, fine. Here is a legit picture of me.

Me newest Dream Avi!:
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Item List:
Ancient Katana
Ancient Katana
Black Gloves
Blacklight Punk Sock
Dark Halo
Dark Vinyl Strap Pants
Horns of the Demon
Missy Shade Mini Jacket
Purplemarine UpsideDown Top
Steel-plated Ninja Band

Estimated Total: 926,317 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 04 November 2006)

Estimated Total: 1,528,300 Gold
(Estimated with known item values on 04 June 2007)
GRhukyagsefklhasgdfjhlsdag inflation! It's currently 4.6 mill....
12/1/09 - It's up to 9.7 million. I think I'm going to give up...

I like drawing! ^_^ However, lately I've only been drawing emo stuff razz Wanna see? [raininghearts] [emokidd] [kinky for friend] [the cheif] [Ele, friends character] [bird] [dream avvie] [eyee] [Emo corner XD]

Heisse: Mori, Daemon, Daemion, Person with the long hair
Jahre alt: Achtzehn!
Augen: Braun
Haar: Braun auch
Muhaha you non-german speaking Narren!

Likes: Look over to the left
Videogames (This all needs to be updated...):
Xbox: Fable, Halo 1 2, Hunter: The reckoning, Hunter: The redeemer, Starwars: Battlefront 2, Need for Speed: Underground, Forza Motorsport, Brute Force ^_^, I'm iffy with Mortal Combat
Computer: Diablo II, Warcraft III, Sims 2 (sometimes), Neverwinter Knights, Zoo Tycoon, Bomberman ^_^
Gameboy: Donkey Kong is okay, Bomberman, Dragon Warrior Monsters, Zelda
Music: Almost anything I am given I like EXCEPT country and rap, unless its the classic rap xD Techno <3

Extra: Yeah, I used to play Trombone in high school. I am still amused by all the 'boner' jokes ^_^. Now I wanna take up bass, but I'm too lazy and don't have enough time. I once upon a time dyed the tips of my hair a blue!!! <33 Now all that's left is blonde strands that peek through, which looks cool. :3 I spend waaay too much time on the computer. I'm a college student! Time flies. I joined this site when I was a high school freshman! Geez! Well anyways, I'm a freshman in college. >_>;; I don't wanna tell you where, but I will tell you that I'm majoring in Aerospace Engineering and minoring in German.

Extra 2.0ness
I'm a hyper person most times, especially online, don't believe me? xD Well I think it's hard not to but if you must, you can ask several of my friends. xElectraxElektrax, Telith, Starfire619, HeartlessChaos or saphiras_iris. -sighs- I have been called a cold heartless b***h, but that was only because I was joking around. Okay fine, I've been called it multiple times now. I mean com'on. Do you say that to an apathetic person? Or at least somewhat apathetic person? I don't really care.

Quotable Quotes:
Blinking, Sonia stared for a moment.
He doesn't have a shirt on.
Don't think about that! He's staring at you!
But he doesn't have a shirt on!!
SO WHAT? He's talking!
But...THE ABS!!!


Why is no one joining? What does it take??!?!? Me flashing a sign that says porn?!? What has Gaia come to?


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This is here so I can see Kyo's wonderful face ^_^


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welcome to real life, where we don't have time for shiny things anymore. =(

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dear daemon:

you should add me on facebook. biggrin

Report | 01/10/2011 8:39 pm


ha, no worries. i was like "eee!"
i'm good. still sick... seems like i'm always sick sad
how are you? biggrin
aaaaaaand i'm thinking
if it's not too creepy
you should add me on facebook biggrin
Chise Yamaguchi

Report | 01/06/2011 10:48 pm

Chise Yamaguchi

Maybe tomorrow. I wasn’t in the mood to be very active on the internet tonight.
Chise Yamaguchi

Report | 01/06/2011 9:23 pm

Chise Yamaguchi

Yeah on my quest thread. I dressed down so maybe people will take pity on me. I don’t think it’s working.泣 No one every responds to my threads.
Chise Yamaguchi

Report | 01/06/2011 9:19 pm

Chise Yamaguchi

xD nice profile.Shoot forgot to change to English keyboard. I hope this still turns out. :D

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haiiiii~ <3
Waterproof Bubbles

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Waterproof Bubbles

You're welcome.

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hey you~
i miss you! <3

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oh man lucky I really want to live on my own...but I guess I would have to get a job then but it would be worth it... at least I know my roommate...but yeah I really want to live in an apartment...getting a job does suck though,especially during college, it can be really stressful...what's your major?



Questing: Padmavati's Lotus 3rd Gen.: 216k/ 400k