"He's like the ocean, calm on the surface, until you piss it the ******** off and then your cruise liner is ******** up and all of you stupid s**t-stains are dead"
-Daddy Thor

I'm Frank, 24 years old, I'm musician, multi-instrumentalist, I'm also an indie game designer, programmer and pixel artist. (Don't ask me for art though, I don't really take requests). I'm usually in CB and I was previously known as 7 Deadly Songs and Azure Thought.

I love music (especially rock, metal, jazz, bossa nova, progressive, djent and dubstep) I love books, writting, esotherical stuff and themes, fantasy, steampunk, dragons, a few animes, not a big fan though. Uhm, I like Game of Thrones series a lot, other series I watch are Vikings, Black Sails and Gotham. I like, videogames, especially old ones. I'm Venezuelan, I speak 3 languages and I'm a thug, even though Tyler says I'm not.

Feel free to message me or something.

All is violent
Taken, there's someone very special in my life and she's my entire world.
All is bright...
I have 4 favorite songs at the moment, which are Exile by TesseracT, Where are the birds by Good Tiger, Living Arrows by Shokran and Trains by Porcupine Tree

Heres Mama Muninn singing living arrows chorus for me, aaaaaaaaaaa.

Here's an awesome limerick written to me by "Not a Bear" (ty dear bear)

"There was once a cerulean heller,
who lived as a chatterbox dweller
He made loads of lists
and made threads with great twists
and so his awesomeness was simply stellar"