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if you dont have an item of my wishlist to give me, just get me a RIG instead!!! it will make my day ^_^

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iiAngel_XD Report | 03/03/2021 4:58 pm
tyy for buying!
Sairanie Report | 03/01/2021 12:13 pm
Thank you for your purchase! heart
SheFerret Report | 03/01/2021 5:18 am
Thank you for purchasing Super Prize 2009, please accept my trade request so I can gift you a small appreciation, I do with each item I sell. Have a beautiful day and do shop here again! ~SheFerret 4laugh
Homestuckery Report | 02/16/2021 7:08 am
aw thank you!
Diosu Report | 02/10/2021 9:23 am
Thanks! Do you have any other candy horns or the formulas? I've crafted quite a few and some of them are a pain in the a**.
isog Report | 02/07/2021 3:57 pm
also nice username
isog Report | 02/07/2021 3:49 pm
shameful method of distraction
wujii Report | 02/07/2021 12:30 pm
just got on gaia~
yay she turned out super cool!!!
thanks so much ^_^
2onions Report | 01/29/2021 10:46 pm
hey there!! ah thanks for the help!
i actually have both items already, but i wouldn't mind having an extra changeling baby boy! would u like anything in return?
callmeleah Report | 01/28/2021 2:53 am
TY 4 buying Toy's Blind Revenge heart

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