I'm too lazy to add my data here, so I'll keep adding it as I see fit.

I'm 20 years old, and I'm Mexican. Not as in ethnic Mexican, I mean it as in local Mexican.

I lurve Chinese food, seafood, meatballs, and Sauerkraut mit Gemüse und Bratwurst.

I also like cheap cigars: they're affordable, they're not really bad, and they make me feel much more relaxed. I smoke them extremely sparingly, however, usually 3 of them every 6 months, because I vowed to never touch a cigarette in my life after my grandpa died from cigarette-induced heart disease.

I speak Spanish, I'm fluent in English and French, and I know a little bit of German.

My favorite singing techniques are death grunting, death shrieking and deg screaming (the "deg" comes from Dir en Grey, because Kyo likes to scream a lot).

I HATE PAIN. I'm way too sensitive to it. If you pinch me thinking it will just hurt a little bit, chances are that I'll scream. And one day, when I went to the doctor, he poked me with a needle full of lidocaine. He expected an "Ouch!"; instead, he got a "FOR SPARTAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!". gonk

I'm a big nerd too. I'm usually among the top scores in a classroom, my school papers have one of the highest demands, and everybody asks me to explain them math. Do I have a life? f*ck yeah. Usually a couple of beers with the guys, sometimes hanging out with this girl who sings in a band ^^

Dir en Grey
Judas Priest
Theater of Tragedy
Motley Crue
Malice Mizer
Mago de Oz
Rata Blanca
Attaque 77
La Cuca
Leave's Eyes
Tierra Santa
Sonata Arctica


This one was made by AkuIchi of the Non-Elite Spam Guild, my favorite place. You really managed to do a great drawing of my avatar, girl! Thankies! surprised

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-iix- r o m e o
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And now, on to some cam whoring.


The dude in black is me. The girls here are my high school best friend (on the left), and another friend from college (right). ^^

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Wilkommen aus mein Leben!

W I L K O M M E N A U S M E I N L E B E N !

In English: Welcome to my life! Here's where you'll see when life rewards me, and is a good place to laugh at my disgrace too ??


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I'm not sure if I'm coming back to gaiaonline or not but I read this on one of my older profiles in the comments
"Welcome to the C&T Tech Talk, my friend. A place full of faggots, elitist motherf*ckets, uptight conservatives who think browsing a torrent site deserves capital punishment, and where everybody keeps their mouth firmly pressed against Windows Vista's throbbing dong.

I have long since gotten the f*ck away from these forums and moved to a Linux users guild, because the C&T Tech Talk is just that full of assholes. "

I now love you.

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It's been awhile.
Sen Natsu

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Sen Natsu

Never seen it. And yes I am. Bento was killed off since ray and a few others chose to screw with me until I got kicked.
just r a c h e l x

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just r a c h e l x

Aww! Sounds really uncomfortable ):
It was also pretty cold when I went.
France is amazing though (:

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Manowar? Aw f*ck. I guess the rest of your list makes up for it, though. Some brutal-ass bands, champ. Welcome to the Quarry.
anouk anouk anouk

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anouk anouk anouk

i googled. she's so cute!

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Are you still crunching numbers for seti@home?

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haha. thanks. :]

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thnx for the post but you coulda been nicer about it i am closing the post because i got gold from my 3 good friends and i listed my 3 good friends in da post and nice avi and profile XD
Miss. Sparkle

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Miss. Sparkle

ha, it still makes me cry a little bit cry
but one day, I'll maybe learn to hate it a little...less than I do now 3nodding


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kelsiCHAOTIC, you rulez so hard. <3

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