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The Plot so Far [Updated SEP 13 2k15]

Welcome to the Universe around the Characters in 'Emoticon Hero, MK-73N5H1'

I've been doing and RPing this story since 2007, so a lot has happened with said story, universe, characters and more. Feel free to ask me, as well.. it can get confusing.
While it tangles with the current GAIA plots and events, sometimes they might take a different turn or outcome or be a completely different thing in the end.
The following are links that can help you understand a bit of what's going on with the Characters I manage. Keep in mind that posts in Slate blue are from Tenshi/Gaki, while Dodger blue posts are from her Parallel self, Kiga.


[ Gaki's Profile - Emoticon Heroine MK-73N5H1 ]

[ Kiga's Profile - The Hero of the Stars, Parallel MK-73N5H1 ]

~Gaia vs Parallel!Gaia~

[ Locations ]

What is L.O.L?

L.O.L, or the League of Outstanding Leaders, was a group formed by Kiga on the events of Demonbusters in 2009. Not liking either side (SIN or BOO) and finding Edmund's neutrality too bland, Kiga decided to form a group which flipped the bird at both while being awesome. Although the membership reached only 52 people (some believe even less), it was key in defeating the Sentinel's forces. . .even though there was no actual victor since Jack came in and trolled everyone out.
However, L.O.L would be the standalone and most powerful force Kiga would have for missions in the Gaia he calls 'Other'. From petty events like the 'Failship of Fail', to a powerful and meaningful one in the Saikyou Crisis. When ever Kiga needs a hand, he's sure to count with L.O.L though the membership has been diminishing as years go by. . ..
The symbol managed by them is a mix of both SIN's and BOO's. . .only more awesome and mocking.

~The Story so Far~


* A Spaceship crash-lands in Aekea and is picked up by Liam.
* A strange girl calling herself 'Suki' starts a simple art shop: Golden Star.


*Suki is abducted by the Zurg. However, her rather odd wristwatch acts strange and stops the attempt. Some strange memories and things begin to happen afterwards.


*The First sightseeing of the Emoticon Hero around the CB are depicted in June
*On Halloween, Suki unlocks her first elemental armor, the Firefox Armor. She uses it to defeat Zhivago.
* First 'alter' armor: X-mas armor.


*After her items and few gold is stolen, Suki encounters GiB Agent Ginji. He introduces her to said facility after letting her know she's alien. Iron Magus names her 'Agent Tenshi', effectively changing her name.
*New Armors appear: Wind armor in Valentines, Dark Armor on June, Hikari Armor on October.
*A Rouge defense system attacks the GiB. The SA-X cripples and turns everything against them and even manages to hack into Tenshi's armor. Fortunately, she's able to defeat it, while summoning a new armor in a completely different design.


*The 'Emoticon' Armors begin to shift from the originally conceived colors to more monochrome/matching ones.
* Kanoko gets trapped by the Dark Reflection, prompting Tenshi to enter the newly discovered Parallel Gaia. In here she finds her own parallel self: a cocky and narcissistic Hero of the Stars calling himself Kiga. They manage to defeat the evil that threatened both places and Tenshi returns home.
* Tenshi begins to have troubles with the MK Armor but shrugs them off. At the same time, an unknown armored entity begins to roam the streets.
* Thanks to some allies, she manages to summon another class of armor: the Elemental armor which looks a lot like the ones wielded by Kiga back in his dimension.
* Kiga, curious and always looking for fun, swaps places with Tenshi.
* The Semi Gods Sentinel and the Overseer begin a battle to see who's better. Kiga, not amused nor amazed by either forms the League of Outstanding Leaders, aka L.O.L. [ Parallel Crisis begins ]
* Kiga 'defeats' the Sentinel, only to be trolled by Jack. However, he managed to learn a lesson (?) and find a girlfriend by the name of Luna. [ Parallel Crisis ends ]
* Kiga finds his world devastated as he returns to his home dimension and is head-shot by a corrupted Tenshi.
* Tenshi returns to her dimension without any memory.
* The Holiday Madness - As Tenshi is doing a Charity drive for X-mas, her armor snaps and possess her, rising an army of more corrupted people. The Saikyou Crisis has started.



*After 4 months in coma, Kiga returns to the 'Other' Gaia, reuniting L.O.L with the intent of killing Tenshi.
*The GiB form a special committee to stop Tenshi without hurting her. Meanwhile other factions wish to either seize the armor or spread more chaos.
* After 5 months of battle, many sacrifices and a badly wounded Hero of the Stars, Tenshi is freed, but too weak to battle the Armor which turns to be corrupted by the SA-X. In the end, as she taps into her soul and her rising memories, she releases the full and true power of the MK armor, summoning the Saikyou Armor. She uses it to defeat the SA-X.
*Parallel Gaia is restored thanks to the blessing and dying wish of the Semi-Goddess Veila, close friend of Kiga.
* Tenshi, whose real name is Gaki, flies off to her planet to save it from the havoc she fled from, this time to save it. [Saikyou Crisis ends]


~ 2011 ~
*Kiga, bored out of his mind and now in charge of the 'Other' Gaia while Gaki is gone, joins the Gaia Justice League.
* The Failship of Fail. Kiga as captain of the LOL-ship at the Gaia Summer Event 2010 - Which failed.
* Gaia Halloween Event 2010 - Grave Crisis! - A Strange signal from the sky, Gouls and Ghosts. . .and a Blue Lantern Kiga [ Grave Crisis ]
* Turns out the Grave Crisis was pretty much a waste of time. No, seriously, it literately was

* The GiB Detects an inter dimensional shockwave. Kiga dismisses it and gives as much care as a politician cares for their people.

~ 2013 ~
* After 3 years Kiga has yet to return to Parallel Gaia, which prompts questions about why he hasn't done so.
* On that matter, there are no signs of Gaki coming back to Gaia ever.
* The shockwave seems to persist for some reason. . .
* Kiga becomes a Veteran member of the Gaian Justice League, aiding the group in his own bizarre way.

* Current RP being planned, plz wait

~ LE END(?)~

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If you'd like to still be able to use your images on your page, you can do so by uploading them onto: imgur
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((You can post and meet us in Metropolis if you wish. We are making ready to restart The Watch Tower))
FuriousStyles Report | 10/19/2015 3:51 am
((Okay I understand, So let's just say that Furious is going to use his ring to search out close friends and comrades who Furious has worked with by looking for energy signatures. It's going to pick you up and then i shall find you to join up. I am about to post a Guild event time-line to describe what has happened in the past and where we are now story-line wise so people can get an understanding of where we are currently))
FuriousStyles Report | 10/18/2015 8:04 pm
((Did you post in part two yet? As I need a way to contact ya in the rp. How do you suggest that I do so?))
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(Furious will be contacting you in the rp very soon!)
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