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Elec Darkholm Report | 10/16/2008 11:02 pm
Elec Darkholm
I don't get around to comments too often as you can see.
If your ever around where I happen to RP or suggest a good one let me know. Though I am certain I have a different style then the norm... day by day type O' thing.
lbuhmeh77849 Report | 08/05/2008 3:57 pm
Lock Mai In Choor Garage Thats New
Fallenxx3 Report | 08/04/2008 12:17 pm
cute page
Kokoro Kunoichi Report | 08/04/2008 12:14 pm
Kokoro Kunoichi
nothing much, just vacationing! I'm fixing to get offline... hope U have fun!
lbuhmeh77849 Report | 07/30/2008 12:45 pm
When Are Choo Commin Backx ?
lbuhmeh77849 Report | 07/29/2008 2:33 pm
I Miss Choo
Kokoro Kunoichi Report | 07/29/2008 9:14 am
Kokoro Kunoichi
oh, well good luch straightening it out!
Kokoro Kunoichi Report | 07/28/2008 6:25 pm
Kokoro Kunoichi
good good and you?
Kokoro Kunoichi Report | 07/28/2008 6:07 pm
Kokoro Kunoichi
Kokoro Kunoichi Report | 07/28/2008 7:55 am
Kokoro Kunoichi
Wow! thanks for the comment! and Of Corse I don't mind. If I can help you, let me know!

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Chii Takahashi

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I'm Getting Married!!

November 7th 2008

Yes I am getting married (irl) and my brother got me this dress as a gift so as I'm busy busy making weddingplans my gaia avi will be wearing the wedding dress as a tribute to my love and devotion for my fiance, Aby.

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Friends Care How You Feel


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I try to give my full trust from the start, I do a really bad job at it but most people don't even try so I think it's the thought that counts? I am paranoid and I'm a bit mental, I am a very affectionate and physical person. I like constant touch. I don't like to argue, but I do it alot, I hate to fight, I like quiet time as much as I like to talk. I love to give gifts. And I love getting them ALMOST as much as I love giving them. I like to feel special, because I have never really been special, I also want to make others special. I often have a hard time being straight forward because I don't like to seem mean. I try to be kind hearted but sometimes I am not the same person. I am constantly changing and I scare alot of people away but there will never be a lack of effort on my part.I'm random, Im Passionate, Im loving, Im psychotic, Im unique, Im compassionate, Im forgiving. Im scared, and alone, and depressed, I'm quiet and loud, and bouterous and shy, Im deranged and etherial, Im sweet and spicy, sexy and innocent, Im free but I'm caged, Im lost but I know where I'm going, Im beautiful but I'm repulsive, I love laughter but I hate to laugh, I love to smile but I feel better when I frown, I'm childlike but mature, conceited but believe in everyone around me, Im passionate but give up easily, Tho I always find my feet, I'll need to lean on you but I hope youll lean back, Im loving but I hate people, Im confusing yet predictable. My world,my heart,my soul, they are a contradiction to eachother and a contratiction of themselves. Learn this is just how I am, there enlies the path to knowing everything about me.

Roleplay Character

A cheerful, carefree soul despite her loss and pain, Chii was born into a beautiful and wealthy family. She was taught great morals of self respect, modesty, empathy, insight and a general respect and love for "people"of all species. She grew up believing all things, weither it was a rock or a new born baby, had a beautiful perpose in life that cried to be respected. Her out going personality, beautiful apearance and all together charm could draw the cruelist of demons to find a place for her in their hearts, regaurdless how black or decayed that heart may have been. She held a love inside her uncomparible to many and managed to hide her skeletons well.
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Cut Free

Deep tretcherous waters,
Oceans of scarlet and black,
I can see my reflection,
But I can never go back,
Back to the cold endless hatred,
Back to the numbness of truth,
Back to the cruel days of deception,
Back to the land of my youth,
You stole my melting heart away,
You took my frosty breath,
I could feel the temperature rising,
But the air was still cold as death,
A laugh, a sob, a frozen tear falls,
The ice melts away, I'm still there,
Left to be scorned by the no ones,
Left to this pain I can't bear,
I brought figments of my imagination,
Back from those icey snow paths,
I can still sort of remember,
All of the feelings that passed,
They put a dull ache in my memory,
They tore out a page of my life,
They used every drop till insanity,
And the blood finally froze on the knife,
You can't love me so quickly,
You can't fall in so deep,
I cover my victims in sorrow,
And their souls never wake from the sleep
So you can tie a thread to a chainsaw,
Or tie a rope to a tree,
Those noses they try to tie around me,
Somehow... always... cut free.

©2005 Krystal Rhodes, All Rights Reserved

~Coming Soon ^^


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