Updated sad 631) 898-8245 is my cell <3 if you want to say hi. Text First ^^

To Lazy to update my About Me atm(its been the same forever now lol),so feel free to just comment or pm me,ask any question or whatever you feel like,ill listen ^^ If your looking for recent picture of me,its down.

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Thats me all crazy =P

Jessiecup is the sweetest person on this entire planet *hugs*
Also she owns my soul apparently haha

Lil Witty Kitty is Simply Terrific ^^ So Much To Love About Her.Shes always been there listening and helping.I appreciate it =] Shes a great gal,if you meet her,you'll love her lol

SugerG_Wolf is an absolutely wonderful human being,you should all love her because her personality glows as bright as the nights stars.

Before you read a little about me i'd just like to say....I dont like about me's cause you dont learn everything about that person and you'll judge them to quickly.If you talk to them though you'll learn more about them and then end up changing your mind....

I'm Portuguese FYI......The names David or D2,Um i'm a crazy guy who likes to take long walks on the beach,i dont do it often but if you'd like to i'll go with you ^^ I'm finished with school(thank god thats over) and in college.My B-Day is July 25th and im a Leo ^^.Im a d**k to random people at times but if ya get to know me,im awesome.Ill most likely apologize and kiss your feet if i was an as*.I adjust to every ones personality....so if your crazy im crazy,if your mellow im mellow and etc.i heart rock music and anything that sounds good.Final fantasy:advent children is a really really good movie.I do enjoy video games,i play xbox mostly but i enjoy other consoles.The beach is the most relaxing place to be,especially if you wanna take a good nap,the sounds,soft sand....its ******** amazing.i <3 it.I also love to listen so if ya need to talk im here ^_^ or we can have a completely random conversation about clouds or about anything really xD Please forgive me as i tend to ramble on a lot,i love holding long conversations.They can range from normal everyday ones to yelling at each other for no reason lol If youd like to keep it short,im fine with that as well.I LOVE to help people,no matter who they are i want to help.It makes me smile if i can put one on their faces as well.I dont need any silly reward except their happiness.I have a ton of good friends who i care tons about....they are always there or trying to help when im feeling below the weather.I am a pretty happy person and care free.I always try seeing the positive in everything. I do cry at silly lil love movies,i cant help it!Its so touching...Im very sensitive but strong at the same time.If i see someone being hurt,youll most likely see me help.Ill defend whoever i can....I love animals more then youd ever know.Do they get annoying?Yes but i luff em xD I have a kitty of my own,shes somewhere in my journal*scratches head*Pictures in 3/5/2008 of my journal so yea....... Im not really gonna add much more here so just Pm me,facebook me,go to my myspace or aim me if ya need anything or have any questions.


Kid got owned...ROFL

Emo:I don't use razor. I use punk-rock you as*.

Me:How do you use Punk Rock?That makes no sense.

Emo: : ) You lock yourself in your room and turn the sound to the max, falling to sleep that way ^^

Me:LMAOOOO is that the new way you emo kids kill yourself now????


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Hiii! <3
Long time no see! How have you been?

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Not much just been gone for awhile. How are you doing??

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boooo! heart
Milk on my cereal

Report | 08/09/2014 4:06 am

Milk on my cereal

i thought you quitted lol xD

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Oh my god! Sorry I've been like off again from gaia! Haha Long time no see is an understatement!
Why is gaia so inflated? It's impossible to get new items anymore!
Milk on my cereal

Report | 01/30/2014 3:44 am

Milk on my cereal

lolz fail XD
Milk on my cereal

Report | 01/28/2014 5:45 pm

Milk on my cereal

do it hahhhhah be asian like meh wink

it went great and horrible hahahah

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Lies!you just dont want to share any cookies sad fatty.
lmao a boy...duhh.Yea those stupid random item games gave me girly stuff lol ill probably sell em some day and buy manly stuff.Like a beard.
Milk on my cereal

Report | 01/24/2014 9:11 pm

Milk on my cereal

im poor ,cant afford cookies ;
do you want a girl or a boy cuz i think u have more girly stuff xD
Milk on my cereal

Report | 01/24/2014 6:28 am

Milk on my cereal

okay okay :3
I checked your invo you got some nice stuffs *u* *takes* twisted
pppppppppft your obv honoredddddddd


Back to trying to get that Kitsune Mask from the start lol
Currently Playing: Borderlands 2 & Akibas Trip <3
Me being tough as nails!