Hello Guest/Comrade. : )
Everything about me is below.

Hobbies: reading manga/novels, drawing, painting, designing

I am on Deviantart. I haven't really matured a style, so I'm still learning.

My art strengths:
- Pencil; grey/black and white / colour
- Digital art
- Humans

I hope to start an art shop but not now.

Likes these things but not limited to these things...: Lolita style, Victorian style, v-kei, Korean style, tofu, trying new things... haha Ninja Destructo?, hanging out with my friends, procrastination art

Music: I used to be an avid J-music listener. However now you can catch me listening to korean, mandarin and even cantonese as additions to my jrock/pop craze. Some artists include, Beast, Plastic tree, 2pm, Alice nine, the GazettE, Brown Eyed Girls, Cindy Yen, Jay Chou, 2NE1, just to name.... more than a few. As of August 2010, my friend has shown me how awesome Gackt is... he's a very competitive perfectionist which has made him into an almost perfect being. D: Very egotistical might I add haha.

My all time favourite band I'll never get sick of is Plastic Tree.

I recommend Yuya Matsushita as well. I discovered him as he has played Sebastian in the Kuroshitsuji musical, but I like him better as himself haha.

I'm on Gaia for:
- Avatar customisations; the items... : )
- Friends
- Changing my profile layout
- art shop...?
- bad addiction to zOMG :'o
- art comps?

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