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Gender: Male

Location: caleefonya.

Birthday: 11/26

Occupation: student, artist, photographer, free runner.


I play video games, read, do handstands, play harmonica, and breakdance.


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yep zep Report | 01/22/2014 12:28 am
yep zep
this is jayme btww
yep zep Report | 01/22/2014 12:27 am
yep zep
ayy yo. imy can i come over
yep zep Report | 12/30/2011 9:59 pm
yep zep
we totally came back to gaia at the same time.
endless p r e l u d e Report | 06/21/2011 12:21 am
endless  p r e l u d e
Que *****. rin?
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 8:42 pm
LOL. Bald? Ugly? Gaia?! Everyone is beautiful on the internet! ... psht, crazy...

When I started, I seriously thought that I would meet intellectuals in class, and have serious college debates. But, alas.
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 8:20 pm
Bahaa! Thanks.

omgiod, You have no idea! seriouslythesepeopleareretarded. We had a 'discussion' and we went from the topic of a photo that was military man, and it was lead immediatly from that about poor welfare families and their babiesmamassisterssonsbestfriendschild. @$#@. Seriously. LOL
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 6:04 pm
That sucks! lol! Sounds like something that I would do.

People, yes. God, I swear that people are even more retarded in community college then in high school.
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 5:48 pm
I wouldn't say school is the worst, I enjoyed school. Being broke is the worst. Also, that's really sad you just learned how to ride a bike since you were longboarding sooner then that. lol
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 5:21 pm
Eh, no worse then I am! But it's like ridding a bike, you never really forget. I know, it's so nice to not have to think about research, papers or exams.
LadyVerona Report | 06/19/2011 5:02 pm
I stayed in contact with most of them actually, I just never came back to gaia since there was nothing keeping me here. But now I really really miss role playing.

I'm doing alright! Just happy to be able to relax for the summer.