hi, my name is Neeko I'm a 21 year old Apache helicopter born and raised in California and I'm a struggling artist which is just a fancy way of saying i have no idea what I'm doing with my life xD

i like surreal and abstract painting drawing and coloring, as well as writing and rehearsing new aged "Flowetry" (because rap is dying and i refuse to be a part of that)

my favorite animes involve dark haired sociopaths on a mission to change the world such as code geass and death note for reasons not worth explaining

I'm generally a nice Apache Helicopter unless you attack me in any type of way because I'm still a war machine and will ******** your day up if you do

i have a firm belief that people who think psychedelics are bad could definitely benefit from them


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Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls

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Cinnamon Sunshine Swirls