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Name: Cyphros

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Level: 100
Title: Animated Knight Of Niflheim
Element: Darkness
Class: Warrior
Race: Magical Creature

HP: 1,000
MP: 500
ATK: 300
DEF: 300
SPD: 200
LCK: 100

A whimsical living doll whom directs lost souls away from the Demonic Realm.

(Fire/Darkness) [Attack] Death Waltz - A red seal appears on the ground in a ring of fire. The attacker charges their weapon with dark energy then dashes toward the opponent at extreme speed while repeatedly slashing from all angles of the fiery circle.

Special Ability
Karma's Gift: All decisions and behaviors are sharply recognized. Either good or bad, depending on effect or affect. This magic is elite and absolute. All things are possible with good will! - Doubles Luck when HP is below 50%.