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Hello! I'm CyberStalker. I love making new friends here(who doesn't!) but before you decide to add me as a friend please read what I have stated below.

A few months after I joined, I've had a lot of things happen to me that I'm getting tired of. Please read the following before adding me as a friend.

- I DON'T cyber! I didn't come onto this site to cyber with people so don't waste your time. If you insist on trying to cyber with me I'll put you in my Ignore List and then report you
- DON'T bother asking me for donations, gold or items because it's not going to happen. I have worked hard for all of the things that I have and no one ever dontated to me nor have I asked for donations. Also, nothing on my avi is for sale so don't waste your time
- If you still continue to ask me for donations, gold or items you will be warned once. If you continue to hound me I'll put you in my Ignore List then report you

For those who are in my Friends List, please read my journal entry titled "Why I Wrote What I Wrote in my About Me".

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