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Looking for art of Daisy.
Her left hand is a

She makes robots to shoot,
spy and protect her.
Her talents include juryrigging,
making junk into drones
and still being a girly girl.

Be sure to quote me,
I am always multitasking.

I love ART and



Cybernetic Daisy's avatar

Birthday: 10/31

Draw Daisy

User Image


Extra Notes:
User Image Cybernetic Arm, doesn't need to be complicated! Just do your best. She doesn't wear a glove on that hand.
User Image Drawing her with any sort of tool is great, she can also fire most guns with ease, even large ones due to her arm.
User Image Gaia doesn't have Pink Overalls, but if you draw them that way I will be vary happy!
User Image Her cybernetic hand is drone and when it pops off, can follow simple commands, or be controlled by her. Drones don't have personalities, but she's programmed Lefty to be smart and playful.

I am also up for art purchasing, and I do tip. If you link me your shop and I like your prices, I might buy from you. If you have DA Commissions, I may buy, but I am not in a place right now financially to spend real money.

What is Shadowrun?


Codename: N/A

Real Name: Daisy

Aliases: None.

Former Aliases: None.

Occupation: Drone Rigger

Legal Status: SINLESS(Serial Identification Number): Illegal

Identity: --

Known Relatives:
Mother - Deceased

Base of Operations: Southern Seattle Sprawl Auto Body Shop, "Daisy's Body Service"

Group Affiliation: None yet.

Former Group Affiliation: Suture's Home for the Sprawlers.

Origin: Shadowrun

Height: 5'3''
Hair: Brown, uneven shaggy layers.
Build: Healthy, Lean
Weight: 120lbs. + 15lbs for Arm
Eyes: Replacement Cybernetic Eyes, Dark Blue
Skin: Lightly tan, freckles one cheeks, nose and shoulder.
Age: 16
Other: Cybernetic Arm, Datajack into her brain behind her left ear.

Known Powers/Abilities: Jury-rigging, Salvage Knowledge, Automobile Knowledge, Drone Design, auto/aero/industrial/nautical Mechanic, electric warfare, Gunnery, Locksmith, Pilot (auto), Pilot (aircraft), Pilot (naut), Pilot (anthroform), Automatic Firearms, Longarm Firearms, Pistols, Computer use, Electronic Warfare.

Limitations: Allergy to gold, Low Pain Tolerance, Distinctive Style, Signature.

Brief History: Daisy was born one acid rain filled night thanks to Suture removing the tiny baby from her dying mother. He never learned the patient's name, only one word that she spoke. Unable to save the woman, he took Daisy into his care and brought her to his safe-house for orphans and defenseless people of the Sprawl.

Notes: Daisy is a Drone Rigger in the Table-Top Role Playing Game, Shadowrun. Her skills, and such are all on my paper character sheet here on my desk, she was built with 500BP, as a high powered character as per GM's permission.

Quotes: "I'm a uber uber 1337 rigger, I'm so arctic, you're just jelly. So drek off, Choob."


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SumBumSam Report | 10/31/2013 11:12 am
User Image
Happy Birthday and Halloween my friend, enjoy your big day!
"Trick or Treat"User Image
Bearded Senpai Report | 10/03/2013 1:56 am
Bearded Senpai
Hello fellow Shadowrunner.
SumBumSam Report | 10/31/2012 11:23 pm
User Image
Happy Birthday and Happy Halloween... enjoy your self?
"Trick or Treat"User Image
~Black Petals~ Report | 07/22/2012 2:40 pm
~Black Petals~
Aekea team biggrin
S Kiyoshi Report | 07/18/2012 10:49 am
S Kiyoshi
You get a perfect score in any of the Olympic games. In this case, you need to get a score of 20 in SpaceDrop. Good luck!
Emerald Report | 06/21/2012 2:54 pm
Any particular reason why you added me or was it just a random one? I'm a naturally curious person as these don't happen very often anymore so I had to ask. razz
Emerald Report | 06/20/2012 11:48 pm
Thanks for the add. smile
Once Was Vee Report | 06/13/2012 7:23 pm
Once Was Vee
What is a top hat's highest point?
Once Was Vee Report | 06/10/2012 10:41 am
Once Was Vee
Oh well. -shrug-
Once Was Vee Report | 06/10/2012 8:58 am
Once Was Vee
I'm never online when she is anymore. lol

Also... I thought she drew Daisy...