I am an aquarious
Fun but can be serious
I was born in the month of love
When it was cold and full of coughs
I love the number i landed on
four days before rose petals were torn
I am fourteen
Not too young to go out wit me
Watever fun you can think of
I won't shove
I am single
Checking out guys and maybe do some mingle
My fave color is green
Im nice but not that mean
I got aim,twitter,and facebook
Send me a message if you want the hook

-God talk to me-
I pray everynight
To always god all mighty
He's always there of what I got to say
How was my day
Any problems I came to face

Im just any other creation he made
To be able to breath and live as long to see the Earth change
I use the legs he gave me to wonder
The eyes to seek
My brain to educate

As I make my way to age
I do nothing but figure out my place
Has to be something right?

I would want him beside me
There talking to me
I would speak with axiety
"What is my purpose here"
"What's my mission I need to complete"

My voice would get calmer
Thinking my surroundings
"God these people are destroying our home"
"where would we go, there's still plenty more to expierence"
"I will help you, my father, help these people understand"
"they destroy, there would be nothing"
"But to live and be happy"