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I'm cute_4_life_03

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Me And My Jackie! <3

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juggalo to the end Report | 02/07/2010 1:17 am
juggalo to the end
on myspace
juggalo to the end Report | 12/19/2009 11:23 pm
juggalo to the end
not on here
xXiLuVh-YuHxX Report | 12/06/2009 7:22 pm
aye u never told me wat happened???..=[...plz bestie tell me
cheerybossom101 Report | 12/05/2009 11:13 pm
i never knew you were online sorry forgetting about you how it been
kannable Report | 12/01/2009 8:00 pm
Ancient Katana i got it chep
kannable Report | 12/01/2009 7:56 pm
it wos like 792000 so i am brok as i have no gold left

all gon
kannable Report | 12/01/2009 7:54 pm
i am good

i just got the gold i need to get the item i have bin saveing for
kannable Report | 12/01/2009 7:25 pm
ok how are you today
kannable Report | 11/30/2009 8:45 pm
ok so there you go

how about you what grad are you in
kannable Report | 11/30/2009 8:43 pm
we do not have grads were i am from but i am 15 so what wood that be

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